10 Simple Ways To Save Water

Paul Durkin

10 Simple Ways To Save Water

Published: 09 September 2013 | By Paul Durkin.

Simple Ways to Save WaterIt is reported that we use 55% more water than we did 25 years ago, with the average household using 150 litres daily. This figure becomes more striking when your break it down and discover that approximately half of this water is being used in the bathroom alone.

Saving water is one the easiest things you can do: it is good for the environment and if you are on a metre it will also save you money.

With approximately 768 million people not having access to clean water, resulting in the death of approximately 2000 children per day, then why waste this precious commodity?

To ensure you have no excuses, I have comprised a list of 10 simple ways to save water:

1. Mend That Leaky Tap!

The BMA (Bathroom Manufacturers Association) reports that every leaking tap wastes 90 litres of water per week. To put this into perspective, that's a staggering 4680 litres every year!

Aside from being annoying, it’s also incredibly wasteful, so fix that tap!

If the time has come to replace your tap, consider an aerated one. Aerated taps contain a filter to mix the water with air which reduces the output, without compromising the pressure.

2. NEVER Leave the Tap Running.

The NHS recommends brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day. With the average tap using about 6 litres of water per minute, leaving your tap running whilst brushing will waste roughly 24 litres per day.

You should, therefore, only switch the tap on to wet your brush.

3. Invest in a Dual Flush Toilet.

It is estimated that a family of four will flush the toilet approximately 14 times per day, so with a dual flush toilet you will be able to reduce the amount of water used by half.

Dual flush toilets allow you to have two types of flushes: a 3 litre one for liquid waste and a 6 litre one for solid waste. The small flush will empty the toilet cistern halfway, whilst the other one will completely empty it.

4. Remember: Your Toilet is Not a Bin!

25% of water used in the bathroom comes from flushing the toilet, so don’t be tempted to use your toilet to dispose of tissues and captured creepy crawlies as this is just unnecessary.

5. Ditch The Bath, Have A Shower.

As luxurious as they are, baths use about 40% more water than showers. So if you are concerned with saving water, switch to a bath.

To really cut back on water, consider a water saving shower head. The Mira Eco Adjustable Handset, for instance, has an aeration process within the shower head which effectively inflates the water with air to create larger drops: thus maintaining the same water coverage, but reducing the water usage by up to 75%.

6. Choose an Electric Shower.

With an electric shower you will always have hot water, so you won’t have to waste any water waiting for it to heat up.

7. Time Your Shower!

Obviously the less water you use, the more money you will save. Probably the simplest method to save money is, therefore, by reducing the time you spend in the shower.

Rather than using a boring timer, listen to music and time yourself by seeing how many songs you are able to listen to whilst showering. Then, simply reduce this number by one.

8. Always Collect Shower Water.

While you wait for your shower to heat up to the required temperature, place a bucket below the showerhead to collect the water. You will then be able to use this to water the plants once you’re finished.

9. Consider the Material of Your Bath:

If you must use a bath, then chose one made from acrylic as this is a great insulator which will hold the water’s temperature for longer. This will mean you won’t have to top it up as frequently with hot water to maintain a warm temperature.

10. “If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow. If It’s Brown, Flush It Down."

To end on a somewhat controversial/gross point, I’ll draw on this old cliché. I won’t delve into the details of what is involved, as I’m sure you will get the gist of it. In a nut shell, all it simply asks you to do is consider whether a flush is required each time you go to the toilet.

Cameron Diaz has said she is a fan of this method, so is it really that gross? I’ll leave you to ponder over that one.

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