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Polyester Shower Curtains
Polyester shower curtains are a particularly good choice for the bathroom as they are machine washable ensuring they stay clean.
Polyester Shower Curtains
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PVC Shower Curtains
PVC shower curtains are the most durable choice in those hard to maintain bathrooms. They are robust and fully waterproof.
PVC Shower Curtains
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Shower Curtain Rings
Required for all our shower curtains our shower curtain rings are available in chrome, white or clear plastic, in a choice of styles.
Shower Curtain Rings
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Shower Curtain Rods
Our selection of shower rods will cater for any bath or shower. From straight to crescent to L & C shape rods we have them all.
Shower Curtain Rods
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Shower Curtains & Rods: All You Need To Know

If you can’t afford to stretch for a shower screen, then a shower curtain is the optimal choice and is perfect for those shopping on a budget. Their great value also marks them out as the ideal option for any rental property as they will protect your floor from water splashes.

To help you marry up your perfect curtain with a stylish shower rail, Splashdirect has created an informative guide:

Which Material Should You Choose?

The two most popular materials, used in the manufacturing of shower curtains, are PVC and Polyester. Both have water repellent properties, which will help to reduce the build-up of mildew, but they are still both different:

  • PVC Shower Curtains are the durable option and are fully waterproof, making them perfect for those hard-to-maintain bathrooms.

Choosing the Perfect Shaped Rod:
The beauty of shower curtain rods is that they are easy to install and come in a variety of shapes. Knowing which shape to go for is your first hurdle:

  • Straight Shower Rods are the traditional design and will fit any shaped bath or shower.
  • L Shaped Rods have harsh lines to add a rigid look, making them ideal for corner showers or baths.
  • P Shaped Rods have been crafted into the shape of a ‘P’ and have smooth, gentle curves. This unique design is perfect for shower baths where one end is larger than the other.
  • Curved Shower Rods are for the style conscious individual and will create a bathroom focal point. Their crescent shape will provide more elbow room than traditional designs and maximum protection against water splashes.
  • Oval Shower Rings are the most stylish shape as they attach to the ceiling, giving you the chance to create an enclosure by wrapping the curtain completely around you. As such, they will prove a particularly attractive option for free standing baths.

Choosing which shower rail you need may be entirely dependent upon the shape of your current bath or shower. 'L Shaped Rods', for instance, are essential for baths or showers with more than one exposed wall.

Installation and Support:

If shower rods instantly conjure up images of pesky rods crashing down whilst in use, then you are not alone as this is a horror story of many. However, shower rails have now drastically improved and many feature ceiling support for added support. To counter this concern, you should always consider installing them with a wall bracket.

But if your bathroom is surrounded by tiles, and you hate the thought of drilling, then consider a tension rod. Otherwise known as expander rods, their design requires no drilling as you tighten it to the desired tension by simply twisting it.

Inject Some Fun Into Your Bathroom:

As their materials lend themselves to vibrant colours and designs, shower curtains are an easy way of injecting a fun element into your bathroom. We have novelty designs in both our PVC and Polyester categories which will help add this element to your bathroom.

But why stop there? Have a browse through our shower curtain rings where you can find a flower ring design to add a stylish twist and complement your novelty shower curtain.

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