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4 product(s)
The All-In-One Family Toilet Seat

If your child has just started toilet training, then they’ll probably need a smaller seat for the next seven years. You should, therefore, consider investing in a family toilet seat: a two-in-one seat for both adults and children to use.

This practical two-in-one design will ensure toilet training is a smooth running process which will improve your child’s self-esteem and benefit the entire family. After all, toilet training should never be a chore, but rather an important part of your child’s development.

How Are They Different?

Ordinarily, the child’s seat will be magnetically attached to the adult seat. This will provide a more secure experience than with traditional, portable ones which have a tendency to move or wobble as a child is climbing on.

It will seamlessly blend in with your current toilet seat, hidden below the lid, and once the lid is down you won’t even notice it.

Improving Your Child’s Self-esteem:
Your child will enjoy lifting and closing the lid themselves and they will love using the toilet just like the other ‘grown-ups’ in the house.

This will work wonders for boosting their self-esteem as your child will feel like all of the other adults using the toilet. This should, therefore, encourage them to use it which will make toilet-training less stressful for you.

The Soft Close Family Toilet Seat:
If you want to invest in the best seat possible, we’d always recommend choosing a soft close family toilet seat. Soft close seats have been specifically fitted with cartridges inside the hinges to prevent the seat slamming down. Instead, they will slowly close with a gentle tap.

This will, therefore, be ideal for any small children as there will be no fear of a heavy seat slamming down on the lid: preventing any fingers from getting trapped.

Remember to Measure:
Before purchasing a family toilet seat, you’ll need to ensure it fits your current WC. In order to establish compatibility, there are two key measurements you’ll have to ensure are correct:

1. The width and length of your current toilet seat.

2. The distance between the two bolt holes on the back of your toilet pan.

Don’t worry if the measurements aren’t exactly the same because a discrepancy of 10-20mm is normally fine.

Thanks to their ingenious design, a family toilet seat will be ideal for any family home or nursery.

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