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Are Soft Close Toilet Seats Worth It?

Otherwise known as slow close WC seats, soft close toilet seats have been specifically fitted with cartridges inside the hinges that will prevent a toilet seat slamming down.

Not only do they prevent slamming, their subtly closing mechanism will also prevent individuals from trapping their fingers: perfect for homes with young children.

Say Goodbye to Loud Bangs:

A soft close seat will eliminate the problem with traditional seats crashing to the pan. With a soft close seat, they’ll slowly close with a gentle tap: avoiding the situation of waking everyone up in the middle of the night when the seat comes crashing down to the pan.

This mechanism will also reduce the formation of cracks as the seat won’t slam against the toilet’s rim.

Which Material to Choose?
The majority of soft close toilet seats are made from polypropylene because it is cost effective to produce: allowing everyone, regardless of budget, to benefit from this luxurious bathroom item.

However, if you’re not shopping on a budget, then consider one of our UF toilet seats. Otherwise known as duroplast, UF is a hardwearing, durable material which is much more resistant to scratches than its polypropylene counterpart.

The Benefits of Quick Release Hinges:
Hate having to try and clean around the toilet seat and unable to reach those grubby hinges at the back?

To avoid such frustrating circumstances, we sell a number of soft close toilet seats with quick release hinges. As their name suggests, the process is incredibly efficient: touch the two clips together to remove the seat, then simply clip the hinges back into place to securely fasten your seat to the WC.

Although slightly more expensive, they are excellent for cleaning the back of your pan and those hard to reach places: making them an invaluable purchase.

Do I Need A Seat With Top Fix Hinges?
If you are unable to access the bolts from underneath your toilet, a problem commonly found with back to wall toilets, then you’ll require a seat with top fix hinges. These have a set of special bolts, allowing you to fit the seat to your toilet without bolting it from underneath the pan.

Don’t Forget to Measure:
Toilet seats don’t just come in one shape and size; so whether you’re buying a new one, or simply replacing an existing one, you’ll need to ensure it fits your current loo. We provide all the necessary specification drawings, complete with detailed measurements, for all of our toilet seats which will enable you to accurately establish compatibility.

The two key measurements that you’ll need to make sure are correct are:

1. The width and length of your current toilet seat.

2. The distance between the two bolt holes on the back of your toilet pan.

If the measurements don’t marry up exactly to your chosen seat, don’t worry as a discrepancy of 10-20mm is normally fine.

Above all, if you want to add a luxurious, designer feel to your toilet then there’s only one option: A soft close toilet seat.

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