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3 product(s)
3 product(s)
Standard Toilet Seats: For Individuals Shopping on a Budget

Standard toilet seats are designed purely to be practical, free from gimmicks and to serve one purpose: provide a seat for your WC.

Whilst they may be basic, we have a selection of standard toilet seats which have a number of endearing features:  from ones manufactured out of duroplast to those with an anti-bacterial coating.

Whatever you may think you know about toilet seats, think again; they now come in a variety of styles with different features, so be sure to read this buyer’s guide to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Standard Doesn’t Mean Basic:
If you are after the budget no-frills option, then we’d recommend the Pearl Toilet Seat from Infinity. This is a typical white, d shaped toilet seat and will look wonderful on any toilet. Although this is basic, it doesn’t mean it has to be poor quality; far from it as this has been made from duroplast: a particularly durable material.

What is Duroplast?
Although we sell a large selection of cheap toilet seats, you can rest assured of their quality as the majority have been made from duroplast: a durable material which is scratch-resistant, highly resistant to impact and also easy-to-clean.

Duroplast is a resin plastic, formed out of powder under high pressure and heat for several minutes: it is this which gives it its unique qualities.

Want an Anti-bacterial Toilet Seat?
If you really wanted to push the boat out, and ensure the best for your family, then consider the white cube toilet seat or the grey cube toilet seat: both come with an anti-bacterial coating around the ring to ensure a hygienic standard is maintained at all times – Who said standard had to be basic?

Measure Before You Buy:
Whilst shopping for a cheap toilet seat is not difficult, there is one thing you need to bear in mind: the size.

As with anything, toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there is not one homogenous size for loo seats. You will, therefore need to measure:

  • The width,
  • The length &
  • The distance between the fixing holes (the two holes at the back of the toilet pan).

The distance between the fixing holes is specifically for the hinges and can vary considerably. Depending on your toilet, this can range from as low as 100mm to as high as 240mm.

The easiest way to establish compatibility is to measure the overall length and width of your existing seat. If the measurements don’t match up, then don’t worry as a 10-20mm discrepancy is often fine.

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