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2 product(s)
Wood Effect Toilet Seats: Ideal For A Rustic Bathroom

Want to revamp your existing bathroom, but can’t afford a big renovation project?

Then consider changing your toilet seat as replacing a mundane white one with a sophisticated wooden one will instantly create a bathroom focal point.

Advantages of Wooden Toilet Seats:
There’s no denying it: A wood effect toilet seat will evoke a stylish rustic look for your bathroom.

What’s more, wooden toilet seats provide a springboard for you to complement other wooden parts of your bathroom, such as: wooden bath panels, wooden flooring of vanity units.

When choosing wooden furniture, however, there are certain stylistic considerations you cannot ignore:

Style Guide:
When choosing wood effect toilet seats, you should begin by deciding whether you want a light or dark wooden one.

It’s important to take time over this decision because if your bathroom already has light furniture and you opt for a dark wood option, then this will create a confused look: making your toilet stand out for the wrong reasons.

Light Wood Toilet Seats:
At Splashdirect we stock four types of light wood - ash, beech, oak and pine - all of which have different properties:

  • Oak has an open grain with prominent rings to provide a visually beautiful material.
  • Pine is unlike other woods because it has a distinguishable grain: one that is slightly darker than its natural tone. If you like pine, but prefer darker woods then consider one made from Antique Pine.
  • Beech is a medium to hard wood which has a fine, tight grain that creates the distinguishable light finish.
  • White Ash provides a wooden alternative to the common white plastic toilet seat you’ll find in every other UK home.

Dark Wood Toilet Seats:
Dark wood is used to provide an elegant look to any room and, at Splashdirect, we stock two dark woods: walnut & mahogany.  

  • Walnut has a straight grain and dark brown colour. Often used in decadent and traditional spaces, it is associated with opulence and elegance.
  • Mahogany has open pores which creates a visually prominent wood grain. Unlike other woods, mahogany has very little knots which creates a smooth grain finish.

Will it Fit my Current Toilet?
As toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, there isn’t one standard size for toilet seats. Therefore, in order to establish compatibility with your current toilet, you’ll need to measure:

  • The width,
  • The length &
  • The distance between the fixing holes (the two holes at the back of the toilet pan).

Rather than trying to navigate a tape measure around your toilet, the quickest way to establish compatibility is to measure your existing toilet seat. If, however, the measurements don’t match up, then don’t worry as a 10-20mm discrepancy is often fine.

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