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Basin Wastes
Basin wastes complete the overall look of a basin. Available as slotted or unslotted versions for basins with or without an overflow.
Basin Wastes
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Basin Bottle Traps
Ideally suited to our selection of wall hung basins, our range of chrome finished basin bottle traps offers that finishing touch.
Basin Bottle Traps
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Bath Wastes & Traps
Bath wastes are a vital component to the installation of your bath. Be it freestanding or built in every bath has to have one.
Bath Wastes & Traps
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Shower Wastes
Be it 50 or 90mm shower wastes you require we have them here. Every tray needs one so why not buy a quality waste from Splashdirect.
Shower Wastes
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Bathroom Wastes & Traps: Why They Are Particularly Important

Bathroom Wastes and Traps are vital accessories to accompany any basin, bath or shower.

But what exactly do they do?

All about Wastes:
Bathroom wastes essentially act as a channel to allow the water to run away from your sink, bath or shower and act as a barrier to prevent any foreign objects from blocking your pipes. But that isn’t their only function as they also double up as a stopper which allows you to fill your bath, or basin, and carry out daily routines.

There are two types of bathroom wastes available, and a common misunderstanding when shopping for either a basin waste or shower waste lies in knowing what type you need: slotted or unslotted.

This brings me onto the next part of the guide…

A Slotted or Unslotted Waste: That is the Question.
Although this may sound confusing, the slot on wastes simply refers to a hole which takes the water from the overflow. The required bathroom waste is, therefore, determined by whether there is an overflow or not:

  • If there isn’t an overflow, choose an unslotted waste.
  • If there is an overflow, then you need a slotted waste.

Choosing the right waste is of the utmost importance because a slotted waste, for instance, is incompatible with a sink that doesn’t have an overflow.

Which Style of Waste Should You Go For?

Bathroom wastes come in a variety of styles, each one having their own distinct advantage, so it is important to be aware of the differences:

  • The Plug & Chain Waste is the most traditional one. A plug is connected to a chain and you are able to manually cover the waste hole when it’s required. With modern basins there isn’t always a hole for the chain to be fitted, so make sure you check this first.
  • A Push Button Waste is operated by a push mechanism: push the domed stopper once to close and then once to open. Otherwise known as a ‘click clack’ or ‘sprung plug’, this is becoming an increasingly popular style due to its simplicity.
  • The Flip Top Waste is hinged on two sides and is controlled by rotating a disc stopper vertically, allowing the water to either flow freely or settle.
  • With a Pop Up Waste a lever protrudes through a small hole in the back of the tap. Simply pull the lever up to lower the stopper and prevent water from flowing into the drain, and then push the lever down to allow it to flow freely.
  • Free Flow Wastes are to be used with shallow basins, or basins which don’t have an overflow, as they sit over the plughole and cannot be closed.

Whichever you choose, we’d always recommend choosing what tap you want first as a vast amount of taps come complete with a waste.

What is a Bottle Trap?
The Bottle Trap, another bathroom necessity, acts as a seal to block smells coming up from the waste pipe. All bottle traps are a standard fitting and are screwed to your chosen waste through the underside of the drain hole.

Although not as complicated as wastes, there are two types of bathroom traps: (1) the ‘P-Trap’ which is the most common basin bottle trap and is used when the waste pipe is projecting through the wall; or (2) the ‘S-Trap’ which is used for waste pipes which are projecting vertically through the floor.

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