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6 product(s)
Cloakroom Basins: The Perfect Complement To A Small Bathroom

Struggling to find a small basin to fit in a small bathroom? Then look no further than a cloakroom sink.

With modern bathrooms being increasingly made smaller, many have been forced to choose small bathroom sanitary ware. This is where the cloakroom basin steps in: They have been designed to elegantly squeeze into even the smallest bathroom and will take up a mere footprint in size.

What It Lacks In Size, It Makes Up For In Style:
For a compact bathroom where space is limited, style should definitely not follow suit.

This is a motto we have upheld when selecting our cloakroom basins, which are all wall mounted and come in variety of styles for you to choose from.

By their definition all wall hung basins will suit a modern interior design scheme, but for the ultra-modern look, consider a rectangular sink with defined edges. But if you are working with a really small bathroom, then a corner mounted basin is the best choice as this will nestle elegantly into a corner which would otherwise have been left unused.

Why Choose a Wall Hung Basin?
Wall hung basins are perfect for compact, cloakroom bathrooms as they don’t reside on top of a great pedestal. This will provide complete access to your bathroom floor, awarding more floor space for those creature comforts like waste bins.

As they seamlessly float, they are also great for providing that minimalist look which is associated with modern interior design schemes.

What Else Will I Need For My Cloakroom Basin?
In order to make your sink fully functioning, you may need to purchase the following items:

1. A Tap: While some retailers claim any small sink is suitable for cloakrooms, our cloakroom basins have a single tap hole which will fit any UK standard mono basin mixer tap. It is this mixer tap which makes it perfect for small bathrooms as they act as a single unit, rather than two separate taps: taking up only half the space.

When choosing a tap, you will need to establish the correct compatibility with your current water system. Failure to marry these up correctly and it may result in your new tap ‘dribbling’ when it is turned on.

2. A Basin Waste: There are two types of wastes available, slotted and unslotted, and which one you require is dependent upon whether your basin has an overflow or not.

  • If it has an overflow, then you'll need a slotted waste.
  • If it doesn’t have an overflow, then you'll need unslotted waste.

3. A Bottle Trap: Acting as a seal to block smells coming up from the waste pipe, these are extremely important. All bottle traps are a standard fitting and are screwed to your chosen waste through the underside of the drain hole.

With the addition of a stunning chrome bottle trap, sat against the attractive white gloss colour, you will be able to create a charming modern looking bathroom with this small sink.

For a truly compact design, a cloakroom basin really is the only option. Many also come with a chrome plated metal towel rail and soap dispenser, creating an even greater space saving design.

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