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1-30 of 55 products |
Pedestal Basins: What You Need To Know

The origins of the bathroom sink may be relatively humble, with a simple deep bowl sitting on top of a stand; but nowadays the pedestal basin has become synonymous with class, sleek lines and tradition.

It is arguably Britain’s favourite basin design, and it’s easy to see why.

What is a Pedestal Basin?

In a nut shell, a pedestal basin consists of a basin residing on top of a matching pedestal. They have a long profile which provides a nice, sturdy height to allow you to get ready in comfort. It is this long profile which is particularly effective for maintaining a clean and tidy bathroom because they allow you to conceal pipe work within its void, creating a wonderful integrated look.

Which Option Is Right For Me?
With an ever growing catalogue of contemporary designs, the pedestal basin has transformed into a versatile option: not only being available as a full pedestal, but also as a semi pedestal design.

Traditionally, pedestal basins were reserved for large bathrooms as the full length pedestal stands on the floor and takes up a large amount of space. However, the recent addition of the semi design has created a more practical style which is suitable for the smaller bathroom. They will still conceal unsightly pipework but, as they won’t sit on the floor, they will take up zero floor space.

What Else Will You Need?
Whenever you buy a pedestal basin from Splashdirect you will receive all the required bolts which will allow you to easily secure it to the wall, but you may require the following items to complete your bathroom sink:

Basins Taps: Pedestal basins are available with either 1 or 2 tap holes, so once you have chosen your basin, you then need to choose which style of tap you want.

At this stage, it is of the utmost importance to establish the correct compatibility of your tap/s with your current water system which will either be a low pressure, high pressure or unvented system. Failure to marry these up correctly will result in the tap ‘dribbling’ when it is turned on.

Basin Waste: Every basin requires a waste and there are two types available: slotted and unslotted. Knowing which one you require is wholly dependent on whether your basin has an overflow or not.

  • If there is an overflow, then you need a slotted waste.
  • If there isn’t an overflow, choose an unslotted waste.

Bottle Trap: The trap acts as a seal to block smells coming up from the waste pipe so is extremely important. All bottle traps are a standard fitting and are screwed to your chosen waste through the underside of the drain hole.

Top Design Tip:
If you have the option of choosing where to place your new basin, situate your pedestal basin below your window which will allow you to take full advantage of natural light.

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