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What is a Recessed Basin?

Recessed basins are a great space-saving design and will easily fit into your existing bathroom design; simply create the space in your worktop and slot them in: perfect for those who don’t like change.

Sometimes known as an inset basin, they are partially incorporated into the worktop, providing an unobtrusive take on the countertop basin which will stand prominently on your worktop.

How Are Recessed Basins Different To Undermounted Basins?

The terms undermounted and recessed are often used interchangeably, but this is wrong as they are two very different designs. There should, however, be no confusion: Quite simply, an undermounted basin is fitted to the underside of your counter; whereas a recessed sink is designed to be cut into the counter, leaving the basin’s rim exposed.

Designed primarily to fit within a unit, recessed basins combine an aesthetically pleasing design with practicality as they are able to hide unsightly pipes and bottle traps. As they are slightly elevated from the countertop, recessed sinks provide a subtle design but are more visually prominent than the undermounted basin.

Ideal if You Need a Bit of Storage:
If you are desperately trying to locate some storage options for your bathroom, then a recessed basin is the ideal solution to your problems.

As they can be installed on top of a cabinet, you are able to create an all-purpose vanity unit. Combining a cabinet with a sink in this way is a great idea for small bathrooms because they negate the need to have a separate pedestal and cabinet.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Tap:
Both undermounted and recessed basins are designed to be subtle and functional, but are not the focal point of your bathroom. When shopping for a recessed sink, the main thing you should be concerned with is choosing the right tap as this will be the focal point for your new basin.

Will I Struggle With Installation?
Installing an inset sink can prove trickier than traditional designs, but this doesn’t have to be particularly tricky. Simply apply a silicone sealant to the topside of the recessed basin and this will form a suitable adhesive to secure it in place. Just make sure you allow the sealant 24 hours to cure.

All of the basins sold at Splashdirect are supplied with a cutting template to allow for ease of installation and, where necessary, fixing bolts are included to offer that added security.

What Else Will I Need For My Recessed Basin?
In order to have a fully functioning recessed sink, you may need the following items (all of which are sold separately):

1. A Tap: When choosing a tap for your sink, you will need to establish the correct compatibility with your current water system. Failure to marry these up correctly and it may result in your new tap ‘dribbling’ when it is turned on.

2. A Basin Waste: There are two types of wastes available, slotted and unslotted: which one you require is dependent upon whether your basin has an overflow or not.

  • If it has an overflow, then you'll need a slotted waste.
  • If it doesn’t have an overflow, then you'll need unslotted waste.

3. A Bottle Trap: Acting as a seal to block smells coming up from the waste pipe, these are an extremely important addition to your recessed basin.

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