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10 product(s)
The Benefits of Choosing a Semi Recessed Basin

An eye-catching alternative to the recessed basin, semi recessed basins are installed partially within the worktop but protrude over the edge.

It offers the same practicalities as the recessed basin, but only has the back of the sink cut into the the countertop. With the front of the basin's rim overhanging the unit, this will certainly create a focal point for your bathroom.

Semi-Recessed Basins: Not Your Average Recessed Basin

As they are both incorporated partially into the countertop, recessed and semi-recessed basins can be easily confused, but they should be treated as two separate entities. Quite simply, a recessed sink is designed to be cut into the counter, leaving the basin’s rim exposed; whereas a semi-recessed sink is installed only partially within the worktop, with the front protruding over the edge.

What are the Advantages?
Otherwise known as a semi countertop basin, there’s no denying its aesthetic advantages: They've been designed to unobtrusively sit in the countertop to create an integrated look, whilst having a visually prominent overhanging front at the same time.

With only taps and the rim of the sink prominent, semi-recessed basins are able to work effectively to maintain a clean and tidy bathroom. This is because they are sunk into the countertop so are able to conceal the unsightly pipework beneath it.

How to Install a Semi Recessed Sink
Installing a semi-recessed basin isn’t tricky: simply apply a silicone sealant to the topside of the sink and this will form a suitable adhesive to secure it in place. You just need to make sure you have allowed the sealant 24 hours to cure.

All of the basins sold at Splashdirect are supplied with a cutting template to allow for ease of installation and, where necessary, fixing bolts are included to offer that added security.

How To Complete Your Semi-Recessed Basin:
In order to have a fully functioning semi countertop sink, you may need the following items (all of which are sold separately):

1. A Tap: When choosing a tap for your basin, you will need to establish the correct compatibility with your current water system. If you don’t match these up correctly, it may cause your new tap to dribble when it is turned on.

2. A Basin Waste: There are two types of wastes available, slotted and unslotted: which one you require is dependent upon whether your basin has an overflow or not.

  • If it has an overflow, then you'll need a slotted waste.
  • If it doesn’t have an overflow, then you'll need unslotted waste.

3. A Bottle Trap: Acting as a seal to block smells coming up from the waste pipe, they are a vital part for your semi recessed basin.

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