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Getting the Most From Your Wall Hung Basin

Ideal for small bathrooms and cloakrooms, wall mounted basins can be installed at any height to create a sense of space. They suspend beautifully from your wall and take up zero floor space, making them ideal for small bathrooms.

What are the Benefits?
The great thing about having a wall hang sink is that it awards you with more floor space for those creature comforts like waste bins.

As they hang from the wall, rather than sitting on a great pedestal, wall hung basins are also great for providing that minimalist look which is associated with modern interior design schemes.

What Else Will I Need?

In order to complete your sink, you may need to purchase the following items:

Taps: Wall hung basins are available with either 1 or 2 tap holes, so you will need to first find out how many taps you need and then choose which style of tap you want.

At this stage, establishing the correct compatibility of your tap/s with your current water system is of the utmost importance. This will be either a low pressure, high pressure or unvented water system. Failure to marry these up correctly will result in the tap ‘dribbling’ when it is turned on.

Basin Waste: There are two types of wastes available, slotted and unslotted, and knowing which one you require is entirely dependent on whether your basin has an overflow or not.

  • If it has an overflow, then you need a slotted waste.
  • If it doesn’t have an overflow, then you need unslotted waste.

Bottle Trap: Acting as a seal to block smells coming up from the waste pipe, these are extremely important. All bottle traps are a standard fitting and are screwed to your chosen waste through the underside of the drain hole.

With the addition of a stunning chrome bottle trap, you will be able to create a charming modern looking bathroom.

All About Installation:
Installing a wall hung basin need not be daunting, you just need to make sure you are properly prepared. To ensure you are ready for the challenge, just follow the 3 simple steps below:

1. Plan, Plan & Plan:
Planning is the key, so don’t be afraid to draw a plan or make outlines on your wall and floor.

Try to cover every eventuality: If you are replacing an existing basin, for instance, will your existing waste and inlet pipes need to be moved and, if so, can they be moved?

2. Is My Wall Suitable?
All basins will come with the required fittings to attach it to a solid wall and will not require any further reinforcement. But you must ensure there are no hidden pipes or cables where you plan to carry out the fixing.

With the relevant fittings, you can also attach it to a stud partition wall. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if your stud wall is hollow then additional support may be required.

3. Fitting:
As there is no set height for the basin, where this goes is entirely up to you. However, we’d recommend putting the sink between 770mm and 870mm. Once you have decided where it is going, offer the basin up to the wall to make sure you’re happy with its position.

Once your wall hung basin is in place, you can then start fitting your tap, waste and bottle trap.

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