Bathroom suite guide

Bathroom suite guideSo you've decided to redecorate your bathroom? The first step to planning it out is to decide whether just a simple alteration is needed. To make the bathroom an inviting place, you could give it a change of colour, or perhaps a large mirror? The right heating and lighting can make it perfect without a complete overhaul. If a complete renovation is needed then ensure you read the guides on our site to take you through the right steps needed to create a bathroom that's both practical and appealing. Remember, it is important to think of what you need and want from your bathroom for both the present and future and to incorporate these into a bathroom master plan.

Planning & space

When designing a new bathroom, consider the space you have available in your home. This will involve thinking about how best to utilise the space, whether you have a modest sized or large bathroom.

Take a look around

Browse our website and have a look though our range of baths, showers, toilets and basins to get an idea of the look you want for your bathroom in terms of design or brand.

How much are you looking to spend?

Take into consideration the cost, as this can affect your overall look. What is the budget you have allocated for renovating your bathroom? Can you afford the changes you want or can you achieve the same appearance using a different range of styling?

A multipurpose bathroom...

Living in a modern world, bathrooms have changed over the years. Think about who is going to use the bathroom. With more and more bathrooms being used by more than one person, especially couples that may one day decide on bringing up a family, a multipurpose bathroom would be more appropriate and economical. You can still achieve a pleasing appearance that is welcoming for everyone.

A bigger bathroom

If you have a house with a small bathroom and require more space then you might want to consider changing the room. Extending or swapping a room may be the solution in order to have your dream bathroom.

Important factors:

  • How many bathrooms and showers do you have already, and is this going to be the main bathroom? Will any safety provisions need to be made if you have children?
  • Where are doors, windows, ventilations and pipes located? This will impact the layout of your bathroom.
  • Is there anything you want to keep in your current bathroom? Is it removable of fixed.
  • The selection of furnishings is important; will you opt for wall hung or free standing?
  • Concealed or exposed cisterns?
  • Consider heating and lighting in your bathroom; do you require a tranquil or brightly lit bathroom? Do you need more focused lighting when applying makeup or shaving?
  • Colour is very important, as this can influence space in your bathroom. Do you have a theme in mind?
  • Is the bathroom going to be easy to maintain/clean?