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Fixed and Pivot Bath Screens
Single or double we're the experts in pivot bath screens. Or try our bath guard which is used in conjunction with a shower curtain.
Fixed and Pivot Bath Screens
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Folding Bath Screens
An ideal solution where space is a premium but showering is a top priority. We're confident our folding bath screens won't leak!
Folding Bath Screens
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Sliding Bath Screens
A new take on showering, sliding bath screens offer maximum showering space. Think of them as a shower enclosure within your bath.
Sliding Bath Screens
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The Benefits of Bath Screens:

With many people now choosing a shower over bath as a practical option for small bathrooms, a bath screen has become a bathroom necessity.

Previously, people would opt for a shower curtain which would just hang and offer little protection against water spilling onto the floor. Moreover, with water settling on the curtain, they were also prone to attracting mould.

Glass shower screens offer a practical solution to this problem as water is unable to settle on them and they will also keep the water inside the bath, thus avoiding potential costly leak damages to your bathroom floor.

The Different Types of Screens:
As with all good things, bath shower screens don’t just come in one size. In fact, there are three types available:

1. Consisting of a single sheet of glass which pivots for easy access, Fixed and Pivot Bath Screens offer a traditional look. Ordinarily they open outwards, but some have the ability to open inwards; either way you will have to make sure you have accounted for the space.

2. Comprising of four or five panels of glass joined by hinges, Folding Bath Screens are by far the most practical option in terms of space. These screens act in a concertina effect, effortlessly folding in on each other into smaller parts.

3. Operating on either rollers or wheels, Sliding Bath Screens allow you to effortlessly glide the screen to one side and extend it for additional length. They are available with a slide and lock mechanism which is a clever design to allow you to extend the screen fully and lock it in place.

If you don’t have the space for a fully encapsulated shower cubicle, but want to upgrade your bath to a shower enclosure, a sliding bath screen is the quick and ideal solution.

What to Bear in Mind:
Curved Shower Screens are fixed to the wall on a hinge and usually have a curved top. As they don’t project all the way along the bath, they are unable to offer complete protection against shower spray. As such, these shower screens are probably not the best option for those with a power shower.

For maximum coverage, 5 panel folding screens are a good solution to this problem because they have an extra panel than the common 4 fold screen, providing a longer shield. Due to their concertina nature, folding screens are also a nice alternative to the visually prominent design of fixed bath screens which you are unable to conceal.

Concerned About Fittings?
Fitting a bath screen is no longer the arduous task it once was and even a DIY novice will be able to easily fit one within fifteen minutes.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you are fitting your screen to a solid wall or a section of a stud wall. If this isn’t an option, then a suitable drywall fixing with some silicone will prove effective and ensure your screen will be there for years to come.

At Splashdirect all of our bath shower screens come with toughened safety glass as standard and conform to strict EN regulations. They are all high quality and aren’t subject to aging or stains, making them easy to maintain.

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