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Freestanding Baths: A Nod to the Victorian Era

When you think of a freestanding bath images of luxury, elegance and grandeur are instantly conjured.

Whilst you may think this luxurious look is reserved solely for the upper class, there are now freestanding baths available on all budgets.

History of the Freestanding Bath:
It wasn’t until the 1880s that freestanding baths came into the public conscious because, prior to this, it was a common belief that dirt could protect against germs. Bathing, therefore, was considered unhealthy.

The original freestanding baths were constructed from cast iron and had to be filled and emptied manually. Thankfully, advancements in plumbing have ensured you won’t have to do this!

What is Double Skinned Acrylic?
Every freestanding bath that we sell has been crafted from high grade double skinned acrylic: a durable and lightweight material.

This is a non-porous material so it won’t harbour any germs or bacteria and its surface is easy to clean so requires very little maintenance. Unlike steel or cast iron, acrylic is warm to touch and is great at retaining heat, so will keep the water warmer for longer.

Style Guide and Tips:
Recently, freestanding baths have made a popular comeback as they celebrate the Victorian era: an era which was defined by grandeur and luxury. They will, therefore, be the ideal addition to any period style bathroom.

To help you make the perfect choice for your bathroom, our team of expert designers have outlined the different styles to look out for:

1. The traditional design is the slipper freestanding bath - These have a sloping design, with one end slightly deeper than the other.

2. A modern take on the design is the double ended freestanding bath which, as its name suggests, has two deep ends to provide you with the freedom to bathe at whichever end you prefer.

3. But, if you really want to recreate the Victorian look, choose a freestanding bath with claw feet.

What Else Will You Need?
The majority of our baths don’t have any pre-drilled tap holes to give you the flexibility of where to situate your taps.

This will, of course, allow you to select a stunning freestanding tap to create a luxurious centrepiece for your bathroom.

Consider a Roll Top Freestanding Bath:
These are a type of freestanding bath which are characterised by rolled, soft curves along the top. They not only ooze the style and grandeur that is associated with freestanding baths but, thanks to their rolled top, they provide a comfortable surface for you to lean against.

Fitting Your Bath:
Whilst installing a freestanding bath may sound tricky, with a little pre-planning and all the right tools we are confident you’ll have no problem.

Always follow your manufacture’s guidelines first, but if things are a little unclear follow our guide on How to Install a Bath in 10 Easy Steps. This step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide has been created to use as a secondary reference for when things get particularly confusing.

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