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22 product(s) |
Singled Ended Baths

Whether you want a single ended bath to relax and unwind or shower bath, a sturdy and well made bath is essential. You can choose between getting an acrylic bath or steel bath, it can help to understand the difference between the two before you make the decision.

At first touch, acrylic baths are warmer to the touch than steel baths, and many people find straight acrylic baths a more comforting option because of this. Just like steel, acrylic baths are durable, although they do not rival the sturdy steel bath in this area. The surface of the acrylic bath is non-porous and, as such, does not harbour any germs, bacteria or mildew. The surface of the acrylic bath is easy to clean, and requires little maintenance.

Steel baths are the most durable bath option available and are much stronger than iron, plastic or even marble. Thanks to their thickness and durability, steel baths do not allow a quick loss of warmth; they retain heat and allow you to bathe in well heated water for longer. In this way, they are superbly economical. Steel baths also retain colour well and are not subject to weather damage or household products. Even when scrubbed, the steel bath is resistant to damage. The unique surface of the steel bath means that it is not a breeding ground for germs or bacteria and remains hygienic at all times.

Here at splashdirect, we offer single ended baths from top-brands like Kaldewei and Infinity.

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