World Toilet Day Blogging Competition

To raise awareness of World Toilet Day, this year Splashdirect asked you to #Blog4Sanitation.

We wanted to know your funniest or most disgusting bathroom story.

The winner would get £250 and we'd donate £2 to WaterAid for each entry - That equates to 1 month's worth of clean water for 1 person.

We've had some pretty graphic tales, most notably from parents with traumatic potty-training stories, and we've had a great (albeit quite disturbing) time reading them all.

But there had to be 1 winner...

The Winner of the 2013 World Toilet Day Blogging Competition:

"I put it down the toilet Mummy!"

The delight awaiting any parent whose child takes an interest in flushing things down the toilet.

Congratulations to Fiona Star-Stone for winning the 2013 World Toilet Day Blogging Competition.

Finalists in the 2013 World Toilet Day Blogging Competition:

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