Buying a bidet

Buying a bidetIf you’ve ever stayed in a smart hotel or spent summer holidays on the continent, you may have come across a bidet in the bathroom and wondered what it is for? In fact it’s a very effective way to maintain your personal hygiene after using the toilet and is usually installed alongside the toilet. Originating in France in the early 18th century, the bidet has become a common bathroom fixture in Southern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia but still used by many in the UK.

Bidet design

Standing at about knee height with a long often slim bowl, its shallow design allows the user to crouch over and wash and refresh themselves. Frequently used with a mono bidet tap or douche kit the water temperature and speed can be controlled for user comfort. At Splash Direct we know that bidets are still sanitary ware used by many today, so we offer a large range to compliment many of our toilets. Whether it’s a traditional style or a modern piece you’re after, we have it here. More recently, we’ve acquired a range of contemporary wall hung bidets.


Bidets have the same design concept as a basin; they’re supplied by hot and cold water to feed your tap of choice, with the waste water being transferred through a bottle trap and, subsequently, a 40mm waste pipe. With installation this simple, the only thing that needs to be thought through is where to fit it.