Buying guides

When designing the ultimate bathroom, you may have grand ideas that are somewhat dampened by a smaller budget. At Splashdirect,we don’t believe that money buys quality and style. We’ve made sure that our entire catalogue of products is affordable, on par withthe market and sure to impress with its durability and beautiful design. With so many products to choose from, we’re going to lend you a hand in choosing only the best for your bathroom.

Advice on showers, baths, bathroom furniture & more!

We’ll walk you through showers, baths and even bathroom furniture. We’ll tell you all about shower valves, which shower to pick and even which shower is best for your water system. We’ll also give you sound advice on installing your shower. We can help you pick the perfect bath, from Simply Air baths to Whirlpool baths - there are so many options available that we’re making the process just a little easier.

We’ll even tell you all about bath panels, so that you’re knowledgeable enough to find the right finishes complementing all your hard DIY work. From lighting and fittings to selecting the ideal bathroom tap, we’re on hand to answer all your DIY, technical and style questions. The Splashdirect team is committed to dealing with the little things, so that you can remain focused on designing your dream bathroom.

Guides to make life easier:

  1. A guide to choosing the right bathroom suite.