Choosing the right toilet

Choosing the right toiletFirstly ask yourself what style of bathroom am I creating? Traditional or contemporary? This will help your buying decision greatly. If it’s a traditional style you’re after then your choice will be focused on close coupled, low level and high level toilets. If it’s that contemporary look you want then a close coupled, wall hung or back to wall toilet will best suit your style. A toilet is a vital part of every day living, so it should be functional and pleasant.

Close coupled toilets

One of the most common types of toilet found in the UK, the close coupled toilet, also known as a two piece toilet, comes in two parts: the pan, and the cistern, which sits directly on the back of the pan. When bolted together, they form the close coupled toilet. Depending on the design, the cistern may be tall, narrow, short or tall, and operated by a lever or push button flush. Traditionally a classic design, the close coupled toilet has transformed into a toilet for everyone. From square minimalist design to detailed traditional styles, Splash Direct have the toilet for you. Also available in a corner version, this type of close coupled toilet is ideal for awkward rooms such as an under stairs cloakroom.

Back to wall pans

Perfect where a modest look is required, a back to wall pan fits tightly against a false wall or vanity unit. Unlike the close coupled toilet, the cistern is concealed in your vanity unit or within or behind your false/stud wall, connecting to the pan by a short flush pipe. Depending on the concealed cistern selected, the flush will be operated by a lever or push button of your choice. Consider future access to the cistern and fit a panel or lid when you’re not able to access it without difficulty.

Wall hung toilets

If it’s modern you desire, the wall hung toilet is highly rated for its design. With the same concept as the back to wall pan, but with the added functionality of being raised off the floor, the wall hung toilet is at the forefront of toilet design and offers the practicality of being able to clean your floor without obstruction. Installation of this toilet is simplified with the aid of a mounting frame that incorporates a concealed cistern and supports the toilet with two bolt and nut fixings. Concealed inside a vanity unit or within/behind a false or stud wall, the mounting frames cistern is connected to the pan by a short flush pipe and is operated with a flush plate of your choice.

Low & high level toilets

Reminiscent of the traditional style, the classic design and period detail of the low and high level toilet makes it the ideal piece for your traditional bathroom. The toilet comes as two parts: the pan and the standalone cistern which is located above the pan on the wall, connected by an exposed flush pipe. The low level cistern is mounted a short distance above the pan and is operated with a lever flush. The high level cistern is mounted higher up the wall with ornate brackets and is operated with a chain pull.