Paul Durkin

How to Clean a Dirty Toilet & Make it Sparkle

Published: 06 November 2013 | By Paul Durkin.

A Dirty Toilet

No one enjoys cleaning a dirty toilet, and I’m sure many would rather read War and Peace, but there's nothing worse than staring at a rancid toilet.

Inspired by World Toilet Day, I’ve decided to run a feature on how to properly clean a toilet.

What you’ll need:

  • Rubber Gloves.
  • A Cloth or Sponge (not the kitchen sponge!).
  • A Toilet Brush.
  • Antibacterial Cleaner - Prefer natural cleaners? Keep reading to find out the best ones.

Step 1: The Gentle Rinse

Give the exterior (the tank, lid and seat) a good wipe-down with hot water – This will remove excess dirt and make the cleaning process easier.

Step 2: Clean the BowlCleaning the rim of the toilet

Squirt the cleaner around the rim and let it drip down. This will help soften anything that’s managed to harden within the bowl.

Leave it to settle for a minute and then scrub with a toilet brush: pay close attention to the water level (where minerals are prone to settle) and delve deep into the bowl.

Step 3: Clean the Outside

Close the lid and, with your cleaner, get to work on the toilet’s exterior: rise often and wipe in circular motions to avoid streaks.

Don’t forget: Spray top-down, this is the most hygienic way as it will prevent any unwanted drips onto clean areas.

Clean under the toilet seat

Step 4: Clean the Toilet Seat

Now’s time for the nastiest part: the toilet seat.

Spray your cleaner around the lid and hinges and give it a good scrub.

Don’t forget the reverse of your toilet seat - This can be a haven for stains, particularly when living with people who have bad aim!

Step 5: Back to the Bowl

The cleaning fluid you applied in step 2 will have now settled, so take another look for persistent stains - If you notice any, grab your toilet brush and give it another scrub.

Now you can flush; if you notice another stain, just repeat this step.

Step 6: Clean the Handle

Don’t be the person who cleans the toilet, but forgets the handle – No one likes that guy!

So with some disinfectant, give the handle a good spray and wipe clean.

Step 7: Clean Your Toilet Brush

Every so often your toilet brush will require a deep clean to ensure it isn't harbouring any pesky germs.

This is a simple process: Pour some bleach into a bucket and immerse your brush, ensuring you reach every bristle.

Before placing it back, give the container a clean with soapy water.

Top Tips:A clean toilet

  • Use a small mirror to spot any hard-to-see stains under the rim.
  • Before your start cleaning, ensure your bathroom is well ventilated.

The Best Natural Toilet Cleaners:

Not everyone likes using chemicals, so here’s the best natural toilet cleaners you'll find:

1. White vinegar: The acidity in vinegar will dissolve any mineral deposits which will prove particularly effective for removing limescale.

2. Coca-Cola: Simply pour it around the bowl’s rim and leave it for a minimum of 1 hour. Coke has a high acidity level so it will cut through stains with ease and leave your toilet sparkling.