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Paul Durkin

10 Cheap Bathroom Renovation Tips

Published: 21 August 2013 | By Paul Durkin.

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but it is vital to make this a relaxing space to unwind in. But with the average renovation costing £4,500, how can anyone afford to do this?

Luckily for you, I have come up with ’10 Cheap Renovation Tips’ - perfect for those on a budget:

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1. Painting: The Clichéd Tip:

Speak to anyone about cheap renovation tips and they'll tell you to paint your bathroom. Although I feel like an amateur for merely suggesting it, this is still the best tip.

Here are two ideas you may not have considered:

  • If your bathroom is reminiscent of an era gone by, then utilising a mixture of black and white will add that much-needed modern look.
  • To ensure you have no trouble waking up in the morning, opt for a bright vibrant colour such as orange…just make sure you get permission from your partner first!

2. Create Mosaic Accent Tiles:

Tile accents are essentially a strip across one wall, or an entire bathroom. They are, therefore, ideal for those who can’t afford to tile their entire bathroom. As you can shop around for different tiles to create the mosaic, this doesn’t have to be an expensive feature.

If you’ve got your heart set on a particularly expensive tile, with a mosaic accent you can offset this against a less expensive one and then paint the walls a nice contrasting colour.

3. Replace Those Old Taps:Traditional Taps

Replacing parts of existing furniture is a cheap way of making old items look brand new.

Replacing old taps won’t involve messing around with wall plumbing and, if you choose ones with a traditional crosshead handles, it will add classical value to your existing basin.

4. Bored of Towel Rails, Try Hooks:

Rather than conforming to the mundane towel rail, go for something a bit more daring like towel hooks. As you can fit many hooks into the space which would otherwise be reserved for one rail, this is a space saving design which is perfect for small bathrooms.

5. Hate Rails & Hooks? Add a Small Vintage Ladder:

Lean the ladder against your wall and use the rungs as a quirky place to hang your towels. This innovative use of vintage furniture will look great and will add a boutique feel to your bathroom.

6. Add Some Striking Curtain Pole Finials:

A finial will provide an eye-catching, elegant end to your curtain rod. They come in a whole host of styles, from gothic to art nouveau, and are available in a variety of materials: allowing you to either complement or contrast existing furniture.

7. Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod:

A curved curtain rod will award you with more elbow room than the conventional straight design and, to save money, you will be able to still use your existing curtain.

8. Add a Large Mirror:

As they naturally reflect light, a large mirror is a great way of adding opulence to any room. To make this renovation tip as cheap as possible, choose a budget, frameless mirror and make the border yourself. Here you have two options:

  • Creating a wooden frame and then painting or staining it.
  • Creating a mosaic frame out of tiles.

9. Invest in a Rug:

A nice rug will provide a warm, homely look and will provide a new focal point for your bathroom. By choosing a fluffy one, you'll also give yourself something comfy to walk across when you get out of that hot bath.

10. Add Some Fun, Novelty Furniture:Wenko WC Cubicle Novelty Toilet Seat

Who decided bathrooms should be a sterile environment? They should, after all, reflect your personality.

So if you like a bit of fun in your life, you MUST invest in the following:

With designs ranging from animal inspired to horror themed, novelty bathroom furniture is the quick and easy way of making your bathroom a unique environment.