Planning your dream bathroom

Dream bathroomHere at Splashdirect, we offer a wide range of products and accessories from a great selection of manufacturers and brands to help you create your dream bathroom. From inexpensive to luxurious bathroom furnishings, traditional or contemporary styles are available. We at Splash Direct can help guide your decision making in turning your dream bathroom in a reality.

Draw a plan

Start off by creating a rough layout of your current bathroom including doors, windows, radiators, ventilation ducts, etc., and mark the existing plumbing and electrics including any pipes, sewage outlets and light switches, etc.

Get creative

Once you have your existing layout complete, play around with the configurations of features in your bathroom such as moving your basin or bath tub to a different part of your bathroom. Keep in mind that, though it is possible to move a toilet or bath tub to a different position in your bathroom, you will need to extend pipes and outlets. Depending on what you want and your budget it is advised you try and stick to you bathrooms original inlet and outlet points making it easier for plumbing and electrical items. Don’t let this put you off, as you can still achieve a stylish bathroom by simply keeping your original bathroom features in place but rotating them to run parallel with a different wall. Is it any better? Does it create more or less room? Do you still have enough space between various bathroom features?

Spacious thinking

Sometimes removing a particular feature such as a shower may help create more space in your bathroom, and you can always opt for a combined bath/shower too. However, we now live in the modern world, and showers are considered more accepted due to the space you save and that we tend to wash more frequently during the week. Depending on the space you have at your disposal, you can consider the bath tub a luxury item – a time for you to relax and soak up all the bubbles.

Use of colours

A fashionable bathroom can easily be created by using a simple theme or choice of colours, adding a more inviting appeal into the room. Our website is filled with products of various shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, giving you plenty to let your mind mix and match to create the bathroom you have been dreaming of.

The perfect lighting

Light is very important in the bathroom. It can be used to set the mood, changing from a light to bright in the morning to a soft glow and relaxing in the evening. Think how light from your windows affects your bathroom; will you need more concentrated lighting for areas used for shaving and makeup application? Think about how light reflects of flooring and different surface finishes on furnishings, etc.