Euroshowers Multi Adult and Child Family Toilet Seat

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    • Size: W371mm x D447mm
    • Material: High Grade Plastic
    • Family Child Toilet Training Toilet Seat
    • Soft Closing
    • 3 Year Guarantee

Euroshowers multi toilet seat is for the whole family, this great toilet seat is quick and easy to fit within 5 minutes.

2 In 1 Soft Closing Family Toilet Seat
This soft closing seat has a quick release button to remove the seat for easy cleaning, weighing 1850g this is a very well made toilet seat. The middle seat is not soft closing, which is the same on all family toilet seats.

Remove Child Family Seat
The child seat can easily be removed for cleaning or once your child is old enough and no longer needs this part then it can be removed.

It comes with top or bottom fixing hinges making it easy to fit, if fitting this bottom fixing it comes with no slip cones giving the most secure fitting.

3 Year Guarantee
This seat comes with a manufactures guarantee of 3 years perfect for while your family is using the multi family toilet seat

Adjustable Hinge
The toilet seat comes with adjustable hinges from 95mm - 185mm. This is the measurment of between the 2 holes on your toilet pan, if your measurement is anywhere inbetween these 2 measurements this will be fine. 

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