Fitting a wall hung basin

Fitting a wall hung basinInstalling a wall hung basin need not be daunting. Using our friendly guide, we’ll have your basin up in no time. Splashdirect always recommend using a professional to carry out your works, but if you’re a keen DIY devotee then following these few simple steps.

Do your homework

Planning is the key before fitting a wall hung basin. Do your homework and don’t be afraid to draw a plan or make outlines on your walls and floors. Ask yourself what size basin will work in the space you have? Are you replacing an existing basin and, if so, is this going to be relocated? Will your existing waste and inlet pipes need to be moved and, if so, can they be moved? Is it the best place for the basin, and is there enough space for you to stand in front it or open your shower door?

Is my wall suitable?

Whether it’s a solid or stud partition wall you are mounting onto, it need not be difficult with the right type of fixings. Each basin varies and, if they aren’t included with the basin, we give you the option to buy them with the basin. Solid walls such as brick or block will not require any further reinforcement, but please ensure you check there are no hidden pipes or cables in your line of fixings. Stud walls may need a bit more attention, and if your wall is hollow, additional support may be required.

The install

Decide on the height of the basin. We’d recommend a height of between 770mm and 870mm, but there is no set height. Once you are happy with the basin’s location, offer the basin up to the wall to make sure you’re happy with its position. You may need a friend to help while you mark the location of your fixings. Once marked, these can be fixed. You’re now ready to mount your basin. Be sure not to over tighten your fixings, as this may damage the basin. Once complete, you’re now ready to start fitting your tap, waste and bottle trap.