What basin fixings do i need

What basin fixingsThe type of basin you decide upon will dictate which fixings you require. All basins purchased at Splash Direct will either have fixings included or, if not, we will ensure there is an option available with the basin.

Wall hangers – Wall hung & corner basins

This type of fixing is widely used on smaller lightweight wall hung basins and corner basins alike. These discrete steel fixings are fixed to your supporting wall with the basin suspended from them.

Wall bolts – Wall hung & pedestal basins

An alternative method of fixing, widely used on wall hung basins and pedestal basins. These simple fixings make installation fast and efficient. Two bolts are fastened to the supporting wall, and the basin is mounted using the plastic washers and nuts supplied.

Silicone sealant - Countertop, recessed & undermounted basins

These basins do not specifically have a fixing bracket, excluding certain under mounted basins that may come complete or are optional with a set of under mounted fixing clips. However, the common method of installation of these basins is using a suitable silicone sealant. By applying sealant to the underside of a recessed and countertop basin, or to the topside of an under mounted basin, this acts as a suitable adhesive to secure the basin in place. Be sure to prop the under mounted basin up and give the sealant 24 hours to cure.