Mounting frames and concealed cisterns

Frames and cisternsThere is still much confusion as to when to use a mounting frame or cistern, or indeed what they are. Simply, they are used in instances when a back to wall or wall hung toilet are installed as a form of hidden water tank for the toilet. With the wall hung toilet, they are also a frame to mount it. There are many different sizes, styles and brands available, which all offer the same function for your toilet.

When to use a concealed cistern

Exclusively used with a back to wall pan, the concealed cistern has the same concept as the cistern found on a close coupled toilet, but is installed out of sight, either within a vanity WC unit or behind a stud/false wall. Connected to the pan with a short plastic flush pipe, and operated with a push button or plate, the concealed cistern varies in size, so be sure to check the available space before choosing the right one for you.

There are many different types of flush available for a concealed cistern, varying from push button flushes to flush plates that can be fitted to the front or top of the unit. Further information can be found in our push flush vs lever operated toilets guide.

When to use a mounting frame

Toilet mounting frames are undoubtedly essential when installing a wall hung toilet. They act as a support frame for it and incorporate a concealed cistern within the frame for flushing. The flush is operated using a push plate available in a number of styles, sizes and finishes, and, depending on the frame chosen, can be fitted to the front or top of the cistern. Access is not an issue either, as maintenance can be carried out through the aperture of the flush plate.

Mounting frames fix firmly to the wall and floor and can be located within a vanity WC unit or inside a partition wall. They come complete with all necessary fittings and include the nuts and bolts to mount your pan after installation. Most mainstream wall hung toilets have a standard fixing centre of 180 or 230mm. Where a manufacturer requires the pan to be fitted with their own frame due to differences in measurement though, we will ensure this is noted in the product’s specification.