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Designer Heated Towel Rails: A Chic Way to Keep Warm

Want to stay ahead of the interior design crowd? Then look no further than a stylish designer heated towel rail.

With their unique design, unlike any we have seen elsewhere, they will certainly create an bathroom focal point. But not only that, they will also ensure you have a cosy towel waiting for you at all times.

With that in mind, they are a very practical addition to any bathroom as drying your towels immediately after use prevents the build-up of bacteria.

How Do They Work?
Standard heated towel rails are used in conjunction with your central heating system. They work by heating the water inside your towel radiator to a specific temperature and then switching off. Once the temperature drops, the process will then restart.

Chrome or Stainless Steel: How to decide
At Splashdirect our designer towel rails have been made from either chrome or stainless steel: two very different materials, so it’s wise to evaluate both thoroughly before making your decision.

If price is your main concern, then chrome is definitely the one for you.

If, however, you want the premium option then stainless steel is the one for you: It is less prone to rust, is a better conductor of heat (so will produce a higher output) and it will retain heat for longer.

Always Check the Heating Output First:
Before purchasing any heated towel rail, you must check the heating output as the output you’ll need will depend on the size of your bathroom, the number of windows and the quality of insulation.

This is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) - The higher the rating simply means there will be more heat emitted.

How Many BTUs Will I Need?
If you already have a radiator in your bathroom, then you’ll require a lower-output rail than would be required if this was to be the only heat source in your bathroom.

Rather than guessing, determine how many BTUs you need by using a free heat output calculator which are readily available online.

Don’t forget: always check your existing boiler can cope with the towel rail you’re planning to install.

What’s Dual Fuel?
When shopping for a heated towel rail you may come across the term ‘Dual Fuel’ which simply means having a separate electrical heating element.

With dual fuel heated towel rails a thermostatic element will give you the ability to always have a consistent temperature by connecting to your electrics. The flexibility of using an additional heating element is a great way to dry towels during hot summer days when you wouldn’t necessarily want your central heating on.

Important Considerations:

  • A rail with more panels, tubes or columns will produce a higher output.
  • If you are simply replacing a heated towel rail, and don’t fancy moving your pipes, find out the pipe’s centre measurement. This will allow you to ensure it will work in your existing set up.
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