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Ladder Heated Towel Rails: A Warming Bathroom Treat

Aptly named because their design resembles the rungs on a ladder, ladder heated towel rails are a lovely addition to any bathroom.

A standard heated towel rail is connected to your central heating system. They heat the water inside your towel radiator to a specific temperature and will then switch off. Once the temperature drops, the process will then restart.

This ensures you have a cosy towel waiting for you when you step out of the bath and allows you to dry your towel immediately, helping to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Important: Always Check the Heating Output:
When shopping for a heated towel rail, it is important to check the heating output. This is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and the higher the rating signifies that more heat which will be emitted from the towel rail.

How to Determine the Amount of BTUs You Need:
The heating output you require will depend on the size of your bathroom, the number of windows and the quality of insulation. If the towel rail will be your only heat source, you’re going to require a higher-output rail than would be required if there was also a radiator in your bathroom.

Determining how many BTUs you require isn’t difficult; simply use one of the free online heat output calculators which will work it out for you. Just remember: always check your current boiler can cope with the size of the towel rail you’re planning to install.

What Does Dual Fuel Mean?
At Splashdirect we have a selection of 'Dual Fuel' ladder heated towel rails which provide you with the option of using an additional heating element.

With a dual fuel radiator one end will be connected to the central heating system and one end will be connected via an electrical heated element. This allows the towel rail to be used when the central heating isn’t on, so is a great way of heating towels on hot summer days.

With dual fuel devices you have the option of installing a thermostatic element which allows you to set the water temperature and it will be maintained at the setting you’ve chosen. As such, thermostatic heating elements are more energy efficient and cost effective.

Expert Tips:

  • To get the best heating possible, consider a ladder towel rail with flat panels as they provide a greater surface area.
  • The more panels, tubes or columns that are included, the higher the output will be.
  • Painted surfaces tend to offer slightly better performance than items with a chrome finish.
  • If you are replacing a heated towel rail, and don’t fancy moving your pipes, find out the pipe’s centre measurement to ensure it will work with your existing set up.
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