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5 product(s)
5 product(s)
Towel Rail Accessories: Optimising Your Heating

With our range of accessories you'll be able to quickly make you radiator or heated towel rail multi-functional.

Increase Practicality With a Hook or Rail:
Simply by adding one of our radiator hooks, or towel rails, you’ll create a handy place to hang a towel.

As they are either magnetic or a hook, the beauty of these simple additions is that they require no tools to fit them. All you will have to do is literally drop them into place.

Unsure About Magnetic Rails?

It’s not uncommon to have reservations about magnetic rails and hooks because many people associate them with items that aren't sturdy and will slip.

But this is an incorrect assumption as the Magnetic Robe Hook can hold up to 3kg and the Magnetic Towel Rail can hold up to 5kg.

What are Heating Elements?
When looking through our accessories you'll find a standard heating element and a thermostatic element, but may be a little confused as to what they do.

In a nut shell, heating elements will add a secondary connection to your heated towel rail which works from your electrical supply. This is known as 'Dual Fuel' and will make your towel rail more economical.

But What is Dual Fuel?
Standard heated towel rails are connected solely to the central heating system, but with a dual fuel rail this will have a separate electrical heating element.

The flexibility of using an additional heating element is a great way to dry towels during hot summer days when you wouldn’t necessarily want your central heating on.

What are Thermostatic Heating Elements?
At Splashdirect we sell a thermostatic heating element which gives you the freedom to set the temperature on your towel rail.

Once the radiator reaches the requested setting, it turns off and as soon as the temperature falls below this setting it turns back on: allowing you to regulate your bathroom's temperature. As such, thermostatic heating elements are more energy efficient and cost effective.

Please note if you are considering investing in a heating element, ensure it's compatible with your current heated towel rail first.

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