How To Install A Bath In 10 Easy Steps

Paul Durkin

How to Install a Bath in 10 Easy Steps.

Published: 03 September 2013 | By Paul Durkin.
How to Install a Bath in 10 Easy Steps

There are plenty of in-depth guides about fitting a bath, but if you are unfamiliar with the jargon it will end-up sounding Russian. To counter this, I’ve written a how to guide in its most basic form.

You should obviously follow your manufacturer’s instructions first, but this 10-step guide will be useful as a secondary reference for when it gets confusing:

1. Pre-Planning Your Bath Installation:

To begin, make sure you have measured your bathroom and selected a bath which actually fits. Here the two crucial measurements are the length and width.

However, don’t despair if your dream bath doesn’t marry up to your measurements as a 10-20mm tolerance can often be allowed for chasing the bath onto your wall.

2. Attach the Feet to the Bath:

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and be careful to not over tighten, especially when dealing with a steel bath.

When attaching feet, a good tip is to keep the bath in its original packaging and then turn it over: The packaging will protect it from scratching and this angle will allow easy access to connect the feet.

3. Fit the Taps & Wastes:

The next step is to fit the taps along with the wastes as, once the bath is in place, this will become tricky.

4. Perform a Dry Fit:

Position your bath into the required place and, using a pencil, perform a dry fit to mark out the position of taps, wastes and other pipework. Ensure it is level on all four sides and, if the floor is uneven, use the feet adjustments so that it rests evenly.

5. Perform Your ‘First Fix’ Plumbing Tasks:

Once you have the required markings, turn off your water supply and begin your ‘first fix’ plumbing tasks. If you are installing a new bath, in a position which is different from your previous one, then you will need to extend the water supply and waste to the new position.

6. Install a Timber Batten:

The next step is to install a timber batten to the existing wall; this will rest under the lip of the bath and will offer extra support. Please bear in mind you may need to remove some tiles to allow for the new board to fit snugly.

7. Locate the Bath into Position:

You should never do this on your own, so get someone to help you locate the bath into position. Once in place, ensure it is at the same level that it was at when you performed the dry fit for step 4.

8. Complete the ‘Second Fix’ Plumbing Tasks:

Once in position, complete the ‘second fix’ plumbing tasks by connecting all the pipes to the taps and the trap to the waste outlet. Once complete, turn your water back on and check for any leaks.

9. Add Any Bath Panels:

If you wish to add any bath panels to create a tidy look, now’s the perfect time.

10. Apply the Silicone:

To give your bath a chance to settle into place, fill it up to the overflow and run a bead of silicone along the wall edge. This will help secure it and make sure it is watertight.

Once the silicone has set, you can drain the bath.

You can then move onto tiling and once completed, add another bead of silicon to ensure your bath is truly watertight and leak free.

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