How To Keep Chrome Taps Shiny

Paul Durkin

How To Keep Chrome Taps Shiny

Published: 24 September 2013 | By Paul Durkin.

Dull-looking taps, riddled with limescale and grime will easily make your bathroom look dirty and uninviting. Whilst chrome is a resilient material, left untreated it will quickly dull, stain and sometimes rust.

Follow these easy steps to help keep your chrome taps clean and shiny.

Cleaning Your Tap:

Keep Chrome Taps Shiny

Basic Cleaning: It may sound like a cop-out, but you should never go head-first into a deep cleaning process without trying the basics first.

With water and a little soap, give it a gentle rub with a cloth. To target those tight crevices, give it a scrub with an old toothbrush.

Still Grimy? If basic cleaning methods haven’t worked, take this to the next level by applying a solution of vinegar and water with a cloth.

While some experts recommended creating a solution of vinegar and salt, I would err on the side of caution with this as salt will scratch your taps which can lead to rusting at a later date.

When cleaning, you want to avoid leaving watermarks on the tap, so be sure to use a dry cloth to buff it to a nice shine.

How To Make Your Taps Sparkle:

Don’t be conned into buying expensive, and potentially corrosive, high-street cleaning products; instead, always go for home remedies to make your chrome taps shine. Here are 3 of my personal favourites:

1. Toothpaste:

With the exception of brass and gold, toothpaste is great for most tap materials. Just add a bit to the dirty spots and then buff it to a shine.

Just be careful: toothpaste can be slightly abrasive which can cause scratches if rubbed too vigorously.

2. Flour:

Rub your tap with plain flour and then rinse with water and buff it with a soft cloth – You’ll be amazed at the results you get with this simple mixture.

Some experts advocate leaving the flour on your tap for 30 minutes, but that is up to you.

3. Baby Oil:

Give your tap a final polish with some baby oil on a cotton pad and watch your tap shine back at you.

How To Remove Rust:

Chrome itself won’t rust, so any rusting on your tap will be a result of something foreign settling on the tap, or as a result of scratches embedded deep in the chrome.
Aluminium Foil
A simple way to remove this is with Aluminium Foil: Using soapy water, scrunch the foil into a ball and gently scrub the rust spot to remove it.

If you find this doesn’t work, try substituting the soapy liquid for Coca-Cola as this is slightly more acidic so will have a more aggressive approach.

Removing rust this way will preserve the chrome, but rub it too vigorously and you risk exposing it to oxygen, exacerbating the issue by creating more opportunity to rust.

How To Remove Limescale:

Whilst chrome is a good material for taps, if you fail to dry it frequently limescale can quickly build-up.

  • Soak a soft cloth in a solution of 1 quarter vinegar to 3 quarters water and wrap it around the tap, leaving it for 1 hour, and give it a squeeze every so often.

Top Tip - As taps are quite fiddly, use an elastic band around the cloth to keep it in place. This will cocoon the tap, helping to tackle the stains head-on.

A Word of Warning:

If you are unsure whether your chosen cleaning method is suitable, then test it out on a small part which is out-of-sight.

Before proceeding with cleaning any taps, always consult your manufacturer’s guidelines to see what cleaning methods are recommended as you may risk voiding the warranty.