Leila Mirror

Brand: HIB Code: SPL076 £123.00Inc.VAT£234.00
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  • Pre-order: Stock due 25/05/2017
    • Modern Portrait Mirror
    • Fitted with a Demista Pad
    • Ensures that Your Mirror is Never Steamed up
    • Features a Touch Sensative Switch
    • Choice of Landscape or Horizontanl Fitting
    • Measures H500 x W700mm x D45mm

Demista pads are a simple solution to an everyday problem, and HIB have fitted Demista pads to their mirrors in a discreet and subtle way. Demista pads deliver fast and efficient demisting in seconds. The Leila Mirror comes with a fitted Demista pad, which is ultra-slim, highly effective and self adhesive.

A Modern Halogen Light
The Leila is a sophisticated, steam free mirror that is slightly larger than its contemporaries, measuring H500 x W700x D45mm. What makes this design unique, is a light running along the back. The lighting is touch sensative annd is precise and sharp, providing you with a generously lit grooming area.

A Permanently Steam Free Mirror
Contemporary bathrooms benefit from subtlety - and the Leila Mirror ticks this box with enthusiastic flair. The Demista pad is hidden from sight, and functions perfectly without ever being noticed visually. It’s benefits are far reaching, and allow you to enjoy a soak or a shower without worrying about the consequences it will have on the rest of your routine.

Fitting Specification

The mirror is useful as you can fit it Landscape or Horizontal depending on what best suits your bathroom.

The Leila Mirror is a beautifully simple piece that solves the everyday issue of a steamed up mirror. Get yours from Splash Direct today. 

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