Our guide to modern basin design

modern basin designDepending on your choice of bathroom suite, you will want to have a basin to match the theme and style. Whether you’re a traditional person or love the modern way of living, the type of basin you choose is very important. Over the years we have changed the way we perform our daily routines, and the demand for more space and bigger bathrooms is a sign that influenced the type of washbasins we use in our bathrooms today. Your basin need not be bland – it should be as iconic as any other piece of furniture in your bathroom – and this is more than possible with the variety of modern design now available in our product catalogue.

Where to begin

The first thing to decide upon is the style of basin you desire. Square basins offer the most minimalist look, but a curved design need not be traditional – we offer a vast array of basins that integrate both modern and traditional styles for those conscious of over modernisation. Once your style is chosen, it’s time to think about the type; are you installing a basin vanity unit? If so, is it a recessed, semi recessed, under mounted or countertop basin you fancy? If not, a pedestal or wall hung basin may be the key in creating that modern look.

Refreshing design

Our new style of living has made the bathroom a place to relax and is as much a focal point of your property as your kitchen. Countertop basins are now accepted as the modern way of everyday cleansing. They are bowls that sit on a countertop with the opportunity to use a tall mono basin mixer – perhaps the key in obtaining that modern design that oozes hotel bathroom status? Don’t forget about practicality though; a countertop basin may look great, but will it fulfil the family’s needs?

Be different

Now if it’s modern design you’re really after, don’t be afraid to take a look at our range of double and floor standing basins. With those fortunate enough to have the space, a double basin will be the centrepiece of your bathroom and bring an end to those domestic disputes over who’s using the basin first! It may be a floor standing basin that tickles your fancy. If so, lucky you; these basins are at the forefront of modern basin design and reflect a traditional pedestal design but with a modern twist.

A basin’s substance

We are all aware that the core material of any piece of bathroom sanitary ware is ceramic, but here at Splashdirect we offer more. With the aid of modern technology and material composition, manufacturers are now able to offer basins made from glass, stone and more recently thermosetting plastic (commonly known as Corian), which offers a sleek flawless finish. Check out our basins product specification to find out more.