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How to Clean Your Bathroom in 6 Minutes

Published: 27 August 2013 | By Paul Durkin.

Clean a bathroom in 6 minutes

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a clean house, particularly if you have to balance a busy work-life with looking after children. But this doesn't need to be an issue as it is possible to clean your bathroom in 6 minutes.

This is a process which MUST be carried out daily; skip a few days and you will notice a build-up of dust and grime which will result in a longer clean-up process.

Right, stop-watches at the ready, let’s begin:

1. Tidying Your Bathroom (60 Seconds).

A cluttered bathroom may not be dirty, but it will look messy and make cleaning more difficult than it should be. The first step is to therefore clear away all surfaces, leaving only the essential items on display.

Keep toiletries and brushes in appropriate wicker baskets and any used towels should go in the wash basket.

2. The Surface Clean-Up (90 Seconds).

Next wipe down the surface tops, sink and toilet seat with either anti-bacterial wipes or appropriate cleaning products.

3. Cleaning Your Toilet & Bath/Shower (90 Seconds).

To be truly effective, toilet cleaner needs to be left for one minute without any scrubbing, so begin by putting some around the edge of the toilet and inside the pan.

While this sets, move onto cleaning your bath or shower; this may seem like an ambitious task to complete within the time frame, but as you will now be doing this on a daily basis it is a very achievable target.

Finally, scrub your toilet clean with a toilet brush.

4. Sorting The Finer Details (60 Seconds).

Now all your surfaces are clean, you need to make sure it is ready for use: ensure you have toilet paper ready and all towels are neatly folded.

If you must have toiletries on display, now’s your opportunity to position these neatly.

5. Tackle the Floor (60 Seconds).

Cleaning any floor should always be the last stage of the cleaning process, as one of the previous steps may add dust to your floor.

You will only need a few antibacterial wipes to give the floor, and any tight nooks and crannies, a gentle rub to remove any rogue dust particles.

Of course this is a frantic process, so is not one for the faint-hearted; but anyone searching for a speed-cleaning method clearly doesn’t have much time to wrestle with.

There will be sceptics who think it’s impossible to clean your bathroom in 6 minutes, but the reason this works lies solely in the fact that it is a daily routine. Ensuring no grime accumulates here is, therefore, essential as it avoids the situation of scrubbing unruly services for minutes on end.