Toilet seats and hinges guide

Seat hinge guideOver the past few years toilet seats have been revolutionised. From novelty to designer seats, Splashdirect have the toilet seat for you to stamp your personality on. A toilet seat need not be boring, so choosing a seat that will tie in with the rest of your bathroom décor is fun and as important as your choice of taps. With such a variety available, there are some important points to note.

Style & design

For existing bathrooms, replacing the toilet seat is an ideal opportunity for you to stamp your mark, whether you’re a fun loving person and opt for a novelty seat or a more reserved character and choose a plain coloured seat. Wooden seats are ideal to suit a more traditional bathroom look; darker mahogany will give a more regency appeal, while pine will evoke a rustic, country look. White, Meanwhile, is your sensible choice when trying to harmonise with a clean, modern, minimalist look. Or maybe the innovative ‘family seat’ with its practical two in one design will be a winner for the whole family.


Before making your purchase, choosing the correct size seat is a must to save any disappointment. There are three crucial dimensions: the width and length of your pan (or existing seat if easier) and the fixing hole centres. Using a tape, measure the overall length and width of your existing seat and ensure they match that of the seat you are interested in – don’t be too worried if they don’t match exactly, as a 10-20mm discrepancy will be fine. Don’t forget, if it doesn’t fit, all of our toilet seats can be returned according to our returns policy.

The next step is to measure the distance between the centres of the two holes on your pan. This can vary, depending on your toilet, from as low as 100mm up to 240mm. All our seats have variable hinges, but make sure you check the product’s specification to ensure it will suit your pan.

Hinge types

An efficient toilet seat hinge is important to ensure longevity of use, and everyday wear and tear. With a vast array of hinge types and finishes, you’re spoilt for choice. From standard chrome hinges to duroplastic soft close hinges, or maybe even a gold traditional hinge, we have you covered. The soft close hinge is fast becoming a must, with its slow release hinges eliminating those moments when a toilet seat crashes down on you!

Hinge fixings can vary from the standard nut and bolt fixing which is most commonly found to the top fix (or hidden fixing as sometimes known), whereby the hinge is fitted by tightening two screws at the top. The top fix hinge is largely used when there is no access to the underside of the fixings, such as with the back to wall pan situation.