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Bath Shower Screens
Fixed bath screens are used in conjunction with shower curtains, while pivot bath screens are available in various designs.
Bath Shower Screens
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Folding Bath Screens
Folding bath screens are the most economical choice as far as space is concerned, as they fold up into smaller parts with ease.
Folding Bath Screens
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Sliding Bath Screens
Sliding bath screens are the best way to provide maximum coverage in a minimal space. Can even be extended for additional length.
Sliding Bath Screens
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Why Choose A Shower Screen?

With the modern UK bathroom being quite small, many people are no longer able to have a separate shower and bath. As such, many have opted to have a shower over bath; with this you have 2 options: (1) a shower curtain, or (2) a shower screen.

Shower curtains literally just hang, offering little protection against water spilling onto the floor and as the water settles on them, they are prone to attracting mould. Glass shower screens, on the other hand, offer a practical solution as they will keep the water inside your bath and avoid costly leak damage to your bathroom floor.

Which Shower Screen Should You Buy?
There are three types of shower screens available, each one having their own advantage:

1) Fixed and Pivot Bath Screens consist of a single sheet of glass and pivot in and out for easy access. Although pivot screens can open inwards, ordinarily they will open outwards so make sure you have correctly accounted for the space.

2) Folding Bath Screens effortlessly fold into smaller parts, so are by far the most practical choice in terms of space. These comprise of four or five panels of glass, joined by hinges, and act in a concertina effect where they fold in on each other.

3) Sliding Bath Screens run on rollers or wheels, allowing you to simply glide the screen to one side and extend it for additional length. As they won’t, therefore, project out onto your bathroom they are ideal for small bathrooms. If you want to upgrade your bath to a shower enclosure, but don’t have the space for a fully encapsulated shower cubicle, a sliding bath screen will provide an easy solution.

Be sure to look out for sliding screens which have a slide and lock mechanism, allowing you to fully extend the screen and then lock it in place. This will ensure you get the best possible watertight seal along your bath, avoiding any accidental water leakage.

Some Important Considerations:
Curved Shower Screens are fixed to the wall on a hinge and usually have an arched top. It is worth bearing in mind that as they don’t project all the way across the bath, they won’t offer complete protection against shower spray. As such, these shower screens are probably not the best option for power showers.

Folding screens provide a good alternative to this situation as they are not permanently extended along the bath, and they fold-in with a concertina effect. For maximum protection, 5 fold screens will prove most effective as they have an extra panel than the common 4 fold screen, providing a longer shield.

Fitting your Shower Screen:
This doesn’t have to be an arduous task as it can literally be fitted within fifteen minutes. The important thing is to ensure that you are fitting your screen to a solid wall or section of a stud wall.

At Splashdirect, we stock high quality bath screens that aren’t subject to aging or stains and are easy to maintain. All of our glass shower screens come with toughened safety glass as a standard and conform to strict EN regulations.

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