Spectre Mirror 60 79520000

Brand: HIB Code: HB310 £235.20Inc.VAT£336.00
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  • In Stock
    • Modern Mirror can be hung Portrait or Landscape 
    • Portrait W600 x H800mm 
    • Light Adjusting Touch Sensor Cool to Warm White
    • Heated Pad
    • 12 month Manufacture Guarantee


Modern Halogen Lighting
The Spectre 60 from HIB is a sophisticated, steam free mirror that is slightly larger than its contemporaries. What makes this design unique, bevelled edge affect with optional Cool or Warm Light adjustment. 

A Permanently Steam Free Mirror
Contemporary bathrooms benefit from heated pad - and the Spectre 60  Mirror ticks this box with enthusiastic flair It’s benefits are far reaching, and allow you to enjoy a soak or a shower without worrying about the consequences it will have on the rest of your routine.

The Spectre 60 Mirror is a beautifully simple piece with chamfered LED Lighting. Get yours from Splash Direct today. 

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