Contemporary bathroom suite design

Contemporary designLooking to bring your bathroom into the 21st century? Splash Direct is the ideal place to make your dream bathroom come true. Living in the modern world, the bathroom has now become a more important part of our lives, demanding more space for the family which has now made the bathroom one of the most used rooms in the house. With more household members under one roof, the demand for the bathroom is high. Dual basins are common in the main bathroom, allowing more than one person to prepare for the day ahead at one time.

Modern characteristics

Contemporary bathrooms involve more efficient and modern styling of basins, baths and showers, which can all be found on Splash Direct. With sleek lines and a range of technological features, your bathroom furnishings will match your personality and lifestyle. When looking for a modern design, think simple. Don’t pick a basin for its fancy pattern and curvy lines; stick to the basics and go for clean smooth lines.

Colours & theme

If you are planning on creating a contemporary bathroom, consider using plain colours such as white and cream, which help create space in the bathroom by making it appear bigger. In addition, these colours never go out of fashion. Planning on a themed bathroom? Stick to two or three colours in order to create an inviting bathroom. Using more than three colours will make the room too vibrant and unappealing.

A warm inviting bathroom

Heating is also important; no one likes to walk into a cold bathroom. Why not save space by using a radiator and towel rail in one? It’s a common accessory featured in most bathrooms in the UK today. There is a wide choice of efficient lighting nowadays, from halogen down lights to space saving spot lights. You can help set the mood of your bathroom, from an ambient glow to a well lit bathroom for more focused light.

Storage demands for modern hygiene

Keep your bathroom clear of clutter. Today we’re in possession of more hygiene gadgets and other bathroom commodities that we use on a daily basis than ever. We need to have a place to store them all. With plenty of modern cabinets and storage units, you will have a place for everything in your contemporary bathroom.

New lighting techniques

Having as much natural light available in your bathroom as possible is always important but when lighting levels are low, modern technology takes over. There are new fascinating ways of adding light to your bathroom, from spot lights to LED technology, creating a futuristic appeal in your bathroom.