T550i Twin Impeller Booster Pump

Brand: Triton Code: TR050 £258.49Inc.VAT£323.28
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  • In Stock
  • Twin Impeller Model
  • Significantly Boost Water Pressure
  • Simple Installation
  • 1.2 Bar Pressure
  • Positive Head

If you have an existing mixer shower but fancy making the step up to a full blown power shower, then the Triton T550i twin impeller booster pump could provide you with a straightforward and cost effective solution.

Boost Your Shower’s Performance
The twin impeller design allows this pump to significantly boost the power and amount of water a shower can acquire from the mains. It is particularly useful in situations where perhaps you can only get a very low powered solution for your bathroom and you are looking to upgrade to a power shower but do not want the expense or upheaval of installing a whole new shower system.

Straightforward & Subtle Installation
This simplistic and highly effective Triton T550i twin impeller design is the ideal solution for any straightforward shower conversion. Boosting the pressure of both hot and cold water you can instantaneously improve the performance of any shower, to the levels of a high quality power shower.

For this fantastic and cost effective twin impeller booster pump from Triton and all of your other bathroom fixtures and fittings, make sure you buy from Splash Direct.

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