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26 product(s) |
26 product(s) |
Basin Taps: It’s All about Design & Style

Basin taps are the defining feature of your sink and will act as a natural focal point for your bathroom. Choosing a large tap to go on a small cloakroom basin, for instance, could look disastrous; so where should you begin?

Choose A Style:
The tap’s handles, or levers, are paramount to dictating your bathroom’s style and feel. To make life easier, we have grouped the styles into two main types:

  • Traditional Basin Taps: The quintessential design is the pillar tap which has curved sprouts and crosshead handles, and is a great design feature for Victorian or even Edwardian style bathrooms.
    • Contemporary Basin Taps: These benefit from having sleek, clean lines to emphasise the minimalist look of your bathroom. The mixer tap is the prime example of a contemporary tap as it takes up little space so lends itself well to small bathrooms.

    Choose Your Design:

    • Mixer Taps allow you to determine the water temperature and pressure at the touch of a lever. For small bathrooms, consider a single lever mixer tap as they take up very little space. Or, for a more statuesque feel, a tall mono basin tap will provide a more impact piece.
      • Basin Pillar Taps are traditional and are the height of elegance as they feature two separate taps: one for hot and one for cold.
        • When combined with a countertop basin, wall mounted taps offer a great look and can help turn a simple basin into a design feature for your bathroom.

        Consider The Pressure System:
        The most important thing to consider is that you have the right tap for your system; failure to do so will result in the tap ‘dribbling’ when it is turned on. We have identified three types of systems to help you establish the compatibility of your tap with your current water system:

        • Low Pressure System: This consists of a cold water storage tank and a hot water cylinder. The amount of pressure your system has will depend on the amount of ‘head’ supplied by the cold water tank. This is easily calculated by measuring the distance from your outlet (i.e. the shower head) to the bottom of your cold water tank: 1 meter in height will be the equivalent of 0.1 bar in pressure.
          • High Pressure System: If you have a combination boiler you will have a high pressure system which will heat the water as it is used. The only way to find the pressure here is to physically measure it with a pressure gauge.
            • Unvented System: Here cold water is heated and stored in a large cylinder and it will have a high pressure output, ranging from 1 to 4 bars. As with a high pressure system, it is only possible to know the pressure by measuring it with a pressure gauge.

            It is important to remember that a low pressure tap will work fine with a high pressure system, but the same cannot be said for a high pressure tap working with a low pressure system.

            We have a large selection of sink taps which come in an array of styles and sizes so be sure to pick the best basin tap to match your current bathroom’s décor.

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