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1-30 of 181 products |
How to Choose the Perfect Bath Tap:

Bath taps are an essential part of any bath: pick the right one and they’ll become the focal point of a bathroom, pick the wrong ones and it'll become an eye-sore. But it’s not just about style: it’s also important to establish compatibility with your current pressure system.

To ensure you pick the perfect tap, follow this simple guide.

What are the Different Types of Bath Taps?

  • A Mixer Tap has one spout at which both hot and cold water come out. This allows you to determine the temperature and pressure with a single touch.
  • Pillar Taps are the quintessential traditional design with two separate taps: one for hot and one for cold.
  • Bath Shower Mixers come complete with a shower head and hose so allow you to have the best of both worlds: a shower and bath.

Deck Mounted Vs. Wall Mounted:
There are two types of mounting for bath taps: deck mounted and wall mounted. This simply refers to the position in which they sit.

  • Deck mounted bath taps will sit on top of a bath to provide an integrated look.
  • Wall mounted bath taps, on the other hand, will be attached to your wall to create an ultra-modern look.

Style Guide:

  • Want to re-create the look of natural flowing water? Then choose a bath tap with an open waterfall spout. Here's one of our favourite ones from Crosswater.
  • Want to create a Victorian style bath? Choose a deck mounted bath tap with cross-head handles, like this one from Infinity.
  • Want something a little unusual? Then we’d recommend a bath filler which incorporates lighting into its design, like this one from Crosswater. As the water goes from cold to hot, the light transforms from blue to red to create a stunning visual effect.

What is Ceramic Disc Technology?
Many taps now have ceramic discs which have been introduced to replace rubber washes which were prone to cracking and were common in old taps.

With old taps you'd screw the head into the body and the rubber washer would eventually wear out. This would mean that you'd have to screw the tap tighter and tighter to operate it.

Unlike rubber washers, ceramic discs only require ¼ turn of the tap to work, so will not wear out.

Ensure Compatibility With Your Current System:
If you fail to ensure compatibility of your new bath tap with your current system, it can lead to your tap ‘dribbling’ when turned on.

It is important to remember that a tap suitable for a low pressure system will work fine with a high pressure system, but one suitable for a high pressure system will not work on a low pressure system.

There are 3 different pressure systems:

1.  Low Pressure System: This consists of a cold water storage tank and a hot water cylinder. The amount of pressure your system has will depend on the amount of ‘head’ supplied by the cold water tank.

This is easily calculated by measuring the distance from your outlet (i.e. the shower head) to the bottom of your cold water tank: 1 meter in height will be the equivalent of 0.1 bar in pressure.

2.  High Pressure System: If you have a combination boiler you will have a high pressure system which will heat the water as it is used. The only way to find the pressure here is to physically measure it with a pressure gauge.

3.  Unvented System: Here cold water is heated and stored in a large cylinder. It will have a high pressure output, ranging from 1 to 4 bars. It’s only possible to know the pressure by measuring it with a pressure gauge.

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