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11 product(s)
Choosing a Bidet Tap:

Pronounced ‘bee-day’, bidet is a French word meaning ‘Pony’ which is used in reference to the position in which a person must stand to use one.

Bidets are ordinarily used to wash and clean intimate areas of the body, but many individuals now use them as a convenient way to wash feet.

History of the Bidet:
The bidet is believed to have originated from the 18th century and was introduced as a means to freshen oneself up at a time when people only bathed once a week.

They were originally placed in the bedroom and it wasn’t until advancements in plumbing that saw the bidet move into the bathroom.

Although not particularly common in the UK, bidets are a prominent bathroom feature in most European households.

Explaining the Monobloc Bidet Tap:
Bidets are designed to be compact, so they use monobloc taps. These look similar to conventional taps, but have smaller input pipes.

They will have a rotating nozzle head which will allow you to angle the water flow to achieve the cleanest results.

Choosing One Handle or Two:
In order to fit most compact designs, Splashdirect only sells bidet mixer taps which have one spout where both hot and cold water come out.

However, you will need to decide whether you want a single lever or twin lever tap. Whilst a single lever will certainly be easier to use, there is no denying the traditional appeal of a twin lever bidet tap with crosshead handles.

When making the decision, we'd always recommend coordinating a tap with the same amount of handles as the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

How to Choose a Compatible Tap:
Before buying any tap, you’ll need to make sure it is compatible with your current pressure system. If you fail to do this, it can result in your tap ‘dribbling’.

There are 3 different types of pressure systems (low pressure, high pressure and unvented systems) and you’ll need to use a pressure gauge to measure what bar in pressure will be compatible with your system.

Douche Valves & Kits
We also sell a selection of douche valves and kits which have a powerful water jet and are a hygienic way of washing. 

Our douche kits are attached to the wall and can be either used independently or in conjunction with a bidet. They will include a hose so will also make cleaning those hard-to-reach areas an easy task.

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