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8 product(s)
Freeflow Bath Fillers: A Minimalist Bath Tap

Quite simply the easiest way to modernise your bath, a freeflow bath filler negates the need for a traditional bath tap as the bath fills up from the overflow rather than a tap spout.

Otherwise known as overflow bath fillers, their filling mechanism makes them essential for creating a minimalist look as they eliminate the need to have domineering tap spouts.

How They Work:

Freeflow bath fillers are simple: the hot and cold supplies are connected to the back of the overflow and water simply flows from below the overflow.

What’s important to bear in mind is that freeflow bath fillers are only outlets so do not include controls. You will, therefore, need something to control the water flow and this will be either through a shower valve or deck mounted panel valves.

Using a Shower Valve:
If you decide to opt for a shower valve you need to ensure that it has a built-in diverter. A diverter will allow you to control the shower and filler from one single valve for maximum convenience.

The diverter will divert the flow of water away from the shower head to the bath filler. If you have both a handheld shower and fixed showerhead you’ll need to make sure your valve has 3 diverters to control all three outlets.

Using Panel Valves:
Alternatively, you can choose deck mounted panel valves which are simply levers that control the temperature and flow of water.

They are, therefore, similar to conventional bath taps, but have no spout protruding from the lever as the outlets will be connected directly to the back of the filler.

At Splashdirect we sell two ready-made packs, one from Hudson Reed and one from Ultra, which include a freeflow bath filler and panel levers.

Don't Forget to Check Your Pressure System:
As it is either the shower valve or panel vale which controls the flow of water, before making your purchase it’s important to establish the compatibility of these with your current pressure system. If you fail to do this, it can result in your overflow bath filler ‘dribbling’.

There are 3 different types of pressure systems (low pressure, high pressure and unvented systems) and you’ll need to use a pressure gauge to measure what bar in pressure will be compatible with your system.

A Practical, Space-Saving Design:
As the freeflow filler is mounted to the centre of the bath, rather than deck mounted, it frees up space around the edge of the bath: creating a clutter-free design and giving you more space for toiletries.

Guaranteed to add the luxurious hotel look to your bathroom, the freeflow bath filler is suited for any style conscious individual.

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