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19 product(s) |
Freestanding Taps: A Stylish Bathroom Statement

Designed to accompany any freestanding or roll top bath, freestanding bath taps are the height of elegance.

Otherwise known as floor standing taps, they stand prominent, elegantly over your bath to create a style that is reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Style Guide:
Standing independent of the bath, their aesthetically pleasing design offers no visible pipework and creates the illusion of height, instantly drawing one’s eyes away from the floor.

  • For modern décors, choose a freestanding tap with a square profile as the define lines lend themselves to a futuristic design.
  • For classic bathrooms, choose one with elegant, smooth curves for a more subtle approach.
  • For a modern take on the ever-popular Victorian style, we’d recommend the Status Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer. This mixer comes complete with shower head, hose and standpipes: combining the practicality of a shower with the luxury of a bath.

Providing Flexibility with Little Restriction:
The beauty of having a freestanding tap is that you are awarded with the flexibility of where to position it, allowing you to create the best bathing experience possible.

By avoiding the spatial restrictions imposed by wall mounted taps, with floor standing ones you will have the freedom to place the bath in the middle of your bathroom.

Look Out For Ceramic Disc Technology:
Many freestanding taps now have ceramic discs which have replaced rubber washes that were prone to cracking.

With old taps you'd screw the head into the body and the rubber washer would eventually wear out. This would mean that you'd have to screw the tap tighter and tighter to operate it.

Unlike rubber washers, ceramic discs will not wear out because they only require ¼ turn of the tap to work.

Remember: Check Compatibility with Your Current System
Before purchasing any bath tap, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure compatibility with your current system as incompatibility can cause your tap to ‘dribble’ when turned on.

To help with your purchase, we have outlined the 3 different pressure systems:

1.  Low Pressure System: This consists of a cold water storage tank and a hot water cylinder. The amount of pressure your system has will depend on the amount of ‘head’ supplied by the cold water tank.

You can calculate this by measuring the distance from your outlet to the bottom of your cold water tank: 1 meter in height is the equivalent of 0.1 bar in pressure.

2.  High Pressure System: A combination boiler which heats the water as it’s used will have a high pressure system. The only way to determine the pressure here is to physically measure it with a pressure gauge.

3.  Unvented System: Here cold water is heated and stored in a large cylinder. This will have a high pressure output and you’ll only be able to measure it with a special pressure gauge.

While a tap suitable for a low pressure system may work fine with a high pressure system, the same cannot be said for a high pressure one working on a low pressure system.

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