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Thermostatic Taps: Putting You in Control

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) blend hot and cold water and are able to successfully maintain the temperature you set.

As you won't experience any sudden change in temperature, this will prevent any nasty scalding accidents. This feature lends it to family bathrooms as they can ensure the temperature will always remain constant, at what you set.

The History of Thermostatic Valves:

Invented in Denmark, and coming into popularity in the 1970s, thermostatic valves were introduced as a cheap and easy way of controlling the temperature in large buildings.

How They Work:
A thermostatic mixer will either contain valves with dual controls, controlling both the water flow and water temperature, or a single control which is able to operate both in one fluid movement.

A thermostatic mixer will blend hot and cold water to a pre-set temperature and will react immediately to any fluctuations in temperature by re-adjusting this blend. So if the water began to cool, a thermostatic tap would reduce the flow of cold water to compensate.

With traditional static mixing valves, once a toilet is flushed cold water flows into the tank to refill it. This restricts the amount of cold water that can reach the shower valve and upsets the balance of hot and cold water.

This would, therefore, result in a rise in the water temperature for the user who is showering. Should someone use a hot tap in the house, the opposite situation can occur.

Anti-Scalding Device:
It is estimated every year 20 people die as a result of scalding bath water and 570 suffer serious injuries. As you can set the temperature, a TMV will, therefore, reduce the risk of scalding.

This is particularly important to households with young infants and the elderly because their skin is thinner and less accepting of high temperatures.

Convenient As Well As Intelligent:
Thermostatic bath taps are also incredibly convenient and ideal for the water conscious individual. This is because you can stop the flow of water whilst shampooing your hair, then turn it back on to rinse and the thermostat will remember the pre-set temperature.

Check Compatibility with Your Current System:
Prior to purchasing a thermostatic tap, you need to establish compatibility with your current system. Failure to do this can cause your tap to ‘dribble’ when it’s turned on.

There are 3 different types of pressure systems (low pressure, high pressure and unvented systems) and you will want to use a special pressure gauge to measure what bar in pressure will be compatible with your system.

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