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Back to Wall Toilets: A Buyer's Guide

A back to wall toilet will create the WOW factor in your bathroom as the cistern will either be hidden behind a stud wall or concealed within a vanity unit.

What are the Benefits?
There are 3 distinct advantages of purchasing a back to wall toilet over conventional models:

1. Short projection toilets, like back to wall pans, take up minimal space so allow you to effectively utilise the space in your bathroom.

Moreover, by only having the pan on display, it will create the illusion that a bathroom has more space than it actually does. They are, therefore, ideal for ensuites and cloakrooms.

2. As all pipework will remain hidden, it will make cleaning a breeze as you won’t have to navigate around the tight crevices between the pan and cistern.

3. Both back to wall and wall hung models utilise a concealed cistern for a clutter-free look. A back to wall toilet, however, will be cheaper and easier to install as no supporting mounting frame is required because the pan will be on the floor.

Style Guide:
Our back to wall units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you should consider wisely about what décor you are trying to create:

  • Want to create a retro feel? Then choose a back to wall wc with defined lines.
  • Want to complement a roll top bath? Then choose a back to wall wc with a rounded profile.

Don’t Forget the Cistern:
In a nutshell, a cistern is the part which holds the water required for a flush.

Both back to wall and wall hung toilets use a concealed cistern which provides a welcome alternative to traditional closed coupled toilets. Concealed cisterns have the same functionality but they remain out-of-sight, connected to the pan by a short flush pipe.

It's important to note that back to wall toilets do not come with a cistern, so you’ll also need to purchase a concealed cistern which will be placed behind the pan within a piece of furniture or a stud wall.

Don’t Forget to Check the Waste Outlet:
It’s important to check the position of the toilet's waste outlet as this refers to the position at which it connects to the outside drain.

There are four possible outlets (horizontal, bottom, left or right) so always check the product's description to ensure it is compatible with your plumbing.

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