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Bidets: The Hygienic Way to Wash

Designed for cleaning intimate areas of the body, bidets are a low height washbasin which allows one to freshen up without having a full bath or shower.

Many people are disgusted by the thought of having a bidet in their bathroom because they don’t understand the health benefits. So, before dismissing the idea, read this guide to ensure you have a complete understanding of how they work and why they are beneficial.

History of the Bidet:
Pronounced ‘bee-day’, bidet is French word meaning ‘Pony’: A reference to the position in which a person must stand to use one.

Whilst there’s no known inventor, they are believed to have been invented in the 18th century. They were originally placed in the bedroom and introduced as a way to freshen oneself up at a time when it was common place to only bathe once a week. It wasn’t until advancements in plumbing that saw the bidet move from the bed chamber into the bathroom.

How They Work?
They may appear a little daunting, but they are incredibly simple to use. Much the same as a basin, a bidet will be connected to a hot and cold water supply which is, in turn, connected to a waste outlet. They will, therefore, require an additional water connection.

Due to their compact design, most bidets have a single tap hole which will fit a monobloc mixer tap. These taps will have varied spray pressures so it is important to always read the products specification before purchasing.

With a bidet you have two options: (1) filling it with water; and (2), using a tap with an adjustable nozzle, directing the flow of water upwards to easily clean those intimate areas.

How Are They Hygienic?
Whilst toilet paper will remove some faecal matter, paper alone can rarely remove all traces of faeces. A bidet will provide a powerful stream of water which will remove all traces. Moreover, as they rely on a stream of water for cleaning they will avoid the irritation which can be caused by using toilet paper.

What Else Will I Need?
In order to use your bidet, you may require the following items:

Types of Bidets:
As with toilets and basins, you can purchase a floor standing bidet or a wall hung one.

Floor standing models are the traditional style and often come in a back to wall design: designed to sit directly behind a wall to conceal all pipework.

Wall Hung bidets, on the other hand, are elegantly mounted to your wall. As with back to wall models, all pipework will be concealed and they will add a modern chic to your bathroom.

Alternative to Bidet Toilets:
If you don’t have the space to install a complete unit, then a space-saving alternative would be to purchase a douche kit for over the toilet.

They will be attached to your wall and can be used with or without a bidet WC. They come equipped with a hose and will provide a powerful water jet to achieve the same hygienic qualities.

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