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1-30 of 32 products |
A Buyer’s Guide to Close Coupled Toilets

Close coupled toilets are the traditional WC design, characterised by their visible ceramic cistern located behind the pan.

They are also the convenient option as they are sold as a set, complete with: a pan, toilet seat, cistern and cistern fittings.

When purchasing a close coupled WC there are two aesthetic considerations you need to take into account: (i) choosing a one piece or two-piece design; and (ii) choosing a lever flush or push flush.

(i) One-Piece Vs. Two-Piece Design:
Close-coupled toilets are often referred to as two-piece because of their design, but you can get one-piece close coupled toilets.

  • One-piece toilets are a modern take with a tank and bowl moulded together to create a streamlined look.
  • Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are the conventional design with a tank and bowl clearly separated.

The only advantage that a one-piece design has is that no tiny crevices exist between the tank and bowl, making cleaning an easier task.

The flushing system is, of course, exactly the same on both so it all boils down to individual style preference.

(ii) Lever Flush Vs. Push Flush:
Traditional toilets are flushed using a lever handle which you simply pull down and the water is able to fill with the aid of a ball valve.

But modern technology has given birth to the push button flush: A far more efficient, minimalist, design as you only need to push a button or plate to flush the toilet.

There are two types of push flushes available and they operate in very different ways:

  • Pneumatic push flush: Once the button is pushed, the air is forced down a small hose which activates the flush.
  • Mechanical push flush: When the button is pushed, a rod engages with the cistern and flushes it.

Dual Flush: Helping you Save Water.
Push flush toilets have the unique advantage of being able to have a dual flush. They are environmentally friendly because they have two buttons, giving the user the option of having two types of flushes: a 3 litre one for liquid waste and a 6 litre one for solid waste.

The small flush will empty the cistern halfway, whilst the other one will completely empty it. By only doing a big flush when it is truly required, you will be able to save both money and water.

Don’t Forget to Check the Waste Outlet:
Before purchasing any toilet, it’s important to check the position of the waste outlet. In a nutshell, this is simply referring to the position at which your toilet connects to the outside drain.

There are four types of outlets (horizontal, bottom, left or right) so, prior to any purchase, always check the product description to ensure it is compatible with your plumbing.

Soft Close Seats: Giving you a Luxurious Toilet.
If you want to ensure you have a top-quality close coupled toilet, be sure to pick one with a soft close seat.

Soft close toilet seats slowly close with a gentle tap to eliminate the problem with traditional seats crashing to the pan. This subtly closing mechanism also reduces the formation of cracks.

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