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5 product(s)
All About Concealed Cisterns:

A toilet cistern, otherwise known as the tank, is the part which holds the water required for a flush. As one would expect, a concealed cistern does exactly the same as a regular cistern, but remains hidden.

They, therefore, offer an alternative to traditional closed coupled toilets which proudly display the cistern for all to see. As such, concealed cisterns offer a space saving solution with a modern twist.

Which Toilets Requires A Concealed Cistern?
Due to their design, both back to wall and wall hung toilets require concealed cisterns. However, for a wall hung toilet you should invest in a toilet mounting frame instead as they come with both a concealed cistern and the frame, allowing you to connect the WC to the wall.

Our concealed cisterns are, therefore, reserved solely for back to wall toilets. Here the cistern will remain hidden in either your vanity unit or behind a stud/false wall. It simply connects to the pan with a short plastic flush pipe and, depending on the concealed cistern you select, the flush will be operated by a lever or a push button.

Types of Flushes:
There are different types of flushes available which can be fitted to either the front or the top of the unit. To help provide a little insight, we have outlined the differences below:

Lever: When the lever is pulled down, the water is able to fill with the aid of a ball valve. These are traditionally found in close coupled toilets, but you can sometimes find them in older style concealed cisterns.

Push Flush: This is now the common flush on concealed cisterns and it offers a minimalist design as you only need to push a button or plate to flush the toilet. There are two types of push flushes which operate in very different ways:

  • Pneumatic push flush: Once the button is pushed, the air is forced down a small hose which activates the flush.
  • Mechanical push flush: When the button is pushed, a rod engages with the cistern and flushes it.

The Benefits Of Dual Flush:
At Splashdirect all of our cisterns come with dual flush systems which allow you to have two types of flushes: a 3 litre one for liquid waste and a 6 litre one for solid waste. The small flush empties the toilet cistern halfway, whilst the other one completely empties it. By only doing a big flush when it is truly required, you will be able to save both money and water.

Are They Difficult To Access?
Whilst accessing a cistern which is built into your wall might sound like a tricky task, this is far from the case: simply remove the access panel from within your vanity unit or wall. In fact, most concealed cisterns have a lid on either the front or top which you can remove, allowing you to access all of the workings from there.

It is worth noting that if you are planning on putting the cistern into the wall, it is up to the installer to ensure there is sufficient access to it.

Our range of concealed cisterns come with all the fittings required to connect it to your back to wall WC and all of them come with WRAS approved water fittings for peace of mind.

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